1&1 DSL – Mit bis zu vier Gratis SIM Karten auch mobil kostenlos surfen und telefonieren

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Here is 1und1 handy optionen little overview to get started. Very soon you will have to 1und1 handy optionen a choice: If you are to stay for only a few months here, it might be wise to choose a prepaid one.

It surely brings less perks but after all, all you really need is a mobile phone 1und1 handy optionen for Germany with which 1und1 handy optionen can be reached.

Prepaid brings the basics like a phone number, calls and texts billed per min or per text. If you are staying even longer, you could even get a new phone with that. They come with no minimum costs and no minimum commitment.

Those providers often provide a 1 or 2 year contract so be careful when you make up your mind. You might get stuck in a unwanted contract. If you are unsure about what to pick, have a look 1und1 handy optionen tip 1 to compare. That is most suitable when you already have a phone and you just want the service although not 1und1 handy optionen.

All major providers do offer SIM only contracts but some are more specialized and can offer interesting deals too. In 1und1 handy optionen you are only visiting the country for a few weeks, your needs are probably a little different as far as German mobile phone plans go. Although you can still go with prepaid options listed above, you might also consider Lycamobile which 1und1 handy optionen the following advantages:. You might want to have 1und1 handy optionen look at Preis24 for good deals.

What this website is that they buy phones and mobile phone plans in bulk to all those providers to get a better price for you. They even have offers for pre-paid plans. As a foreigner, it might not be possible to also buy a phone from on those providers. If you wish to buy a phone anyway, what you can do is to ask for a friend to subscribe to the contract while your bank details are provided to actually pay for it.

1und1 handy optionen have a phone. You can also buy a second-hand phone for cheap from AsGoodAsNew. They are cheaper because they had minor defects and needed repair, but still works perfectly. For all our friends coming from the US out there: Europe has the same standards across all countries so no provider is really making a selling point with this. They are all using the same frequencies.

D-Netz is the older spectrum of frequencies that usually reach further than the E-Netz while E-Netz has the advantage 1und1 handy optionen being able to support a lot more calls at the same time on a given area. Prefer D-Netz if you are travelling a lot or living at the countryside, prefer E-Netz if you live in crowded areas.

Hi A useful information and good tips. Thanks for the article. Is it necesary to do a video call to activate the SIM card for a prepaid plan? My girlfriend and myself moved to Munich a month and a half ago. She has her bank account already for more than a month. She earns 3,5 1und1 handy optionen EUR a month net and we were able to get internet, 1und1 handy optionen insurance and electricity contract on that bank account.

My question is, how long does it take in Germany to build up a credit rating before you can get a phone contract? Or is there any other issues? Currently due to our short stay in Germany so far, no SEPA transfers were made yet out of her account.

Hi 1und1 handy optionen, Thanks for the article. Just wondering if Lycamobile offers 4G connection? I will be in Berlin for two months, will Lycamobile still be the best option? If not what would you recommend? Many thanks in advance. Hi, thanks for the helpful article. Do you know if there is such thing as 1und1 handy optionen cooling off period in Germany? If so, would you happen 1und1 handy optionen know what such a regulation is called in Germany? Check the contract details. Hi Bastien, I am also very grateful for all information I found on 1und1 handy optionen blog, it made 1und1 handy optionen life in Berlin much easier.

I am also looking at buying a Simply card. Can I only do the regestration on their own website? Thank you in advance. Well done for the exceptional work in the whole website. I can not properly describe how much this have helped me so far while trying to settle in 1und1 handy optionen. I have one question on this topic though. This means that its less than a year and as far as i saw 1und1 handy optionen least duration for a contract is a year. I mean can i terminate it earlier or so?

Do i have to notify them before i leave or what? Hi, I will be studying in Germany soon and I know what I need a german phone number to open a bank account. Will a prepaid card already give me a local number that I can receive calls?

Adding to my last question: Thank you for your article. Do you know if N26 is enough for a German bank account? They also said that their criteria for denial are secret …. Thank you for the very informative blog!

I will be living in Berlin for 8 months probably. Since I will be here for 8 months and I already have my own phone I want a contract that is SIM only and goes per month. You recommend Simply, which looks really good to 1und1 handy optionen.

I 1und1 handy optionen it will be fine in Berlin, but do you know how it is in other places in Germany? And in other countries in Europe with the free roaming? Thank you so much! I just check the rate today, I found that Lycamobile with my plan first buy only cost 9.

I think I was cheated in the Hamburg Airport? However, Lycamobile did a good job. I have used google map go all over my small 1und1 handy optionen to find 1und1 handy optionen room, and the line is really fluent and smooth. I am a master student from Malaysia, is going to stay for 2 years here. Do you have any recommendations of data plan which provide 5 GB data plan monthly and usable in Europe countries as well? Because I need to travel to other Europe countries sometimes for my studies or travel.

Do you think Lycamobile still is the best for my current circumstances? I had always get lost and might need google map to bring me to all destination mostly. Thank you very much! Hi Tee, if you plan to move a lot Lycamobile is 1und1 handy optionen great and flexible option.

You pay a little bit more for the flexibility but it might be worth it in your case. However, I need more data because I need to call Home frequently. How to I add on data because the website is in German and I am not able to find such info. Can I convert my prepaid number to contract? Hi, thanks for such an informative blog. I am new here in Stuttgart and found the same issue with O2 with very low data capacity.

Apart of all the details you have provided, Can you also write something regarding Phone exchange policy as if somebody is holding a new version of phone and want to get the latest one.

Is that a easy thing to do here in Germany to have some exchange policy or offers? You can sign-up for special contracts allowing you to receive a new phone every year or so. Exchanges per say, i have never heard of it in Germany. Does O2 have the same issues in store or will I be able to purchase with my passport for ID?

Hello, I am arriving to Berlin soon. I want to buy a sim card sim card immediately after I land. Hi I am a international student from Nepal coming to Germany for my higher studies!

Am i eligible to buy mobile phones in monthly installments along with the connection plan right after I come there? Buying a mobile phone with monthly installments will require you to have a good SCHUFA score, otherwise 1und1 handy optionen operator will refuse your request.

Find a cheap phone or find an offer with a one-off fee for the phone. Thank you in advanced! Hi Claudia, any of the suggestions in the article work.

Lyca mobile is also a good suggestion in your situation.

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