Selling Summoners War Global Server High End account

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Here is the current list of accs for sale, please hit the contact button and quote the reference number by account trading summoners war for the account you are interested in purchasing. BUY - Account Ref. Contact us directly on KIK: Wow, what an amazing account and the Summoners War mascot Artamiel the Light Archangel is featured here. Praha the op Chloe killer is also here and just look at all those rare monsters, the New Year special, grab it now!

Crazy account right here, one of the best selections account trading summoners war natural 5 stars. Account trading summoners war want to be a guardian this account will take you right there, just look at all those natural born five stars! Hwadem and Groggo too, Hwadem is too op when paired with some of these, this account is a treasure trove of useful monsters.

This account is a must buy, just look at those natural 5 stars of all elements, including the crown jewel Wolyung - The Dark Skydancer. You have 8 natural account trading summoners war stars here 12 six stars made. Hwadem and Perna are a dream paired together just think back to TOA when you have to fight 2x Hwadem and 2x Perna!

Hwadem stops his allies from dieing and Perna has a heal on his AOE skill, you are gonna have some serious fun with this one, as the account is mid-game it is affordable and cheap! The amazing accounts just keep coming, double Valkryja and Eladriel, Zaiross, Mei Hou and Ritesh all on one account, you know this one wont last long! Great new account here, with 6 star rare monsters in every element and all top tier.

You will account trading summoners war and do everything you need with this account. Zaiross is such a good natural 5 star with his cooldown reset, always in demand, and one of the coolest looking 5 stars to boot.

You also have Theo for Nuke power, grab this account fast for this cheap price. Mei Hou Wang, Ethna, Chasun, Account trading summoners war, Jamire x2 and Veromos, a combination of fire and wind to tear your opponents to shreds, needs some work but once leveled you have everything you will need right here! Wow, love this account, you have a variety of walls, and damage dealers here, totally multi use account, grab account trading summoners war while it's account trading summoners war Great water and wind heavy account here, make a serious wall with Shi Hou and Woosa, then use account trading summoners war Charlotte, Kata or Tes to add the damage, finally Chloe for shield account trading summoners war heals.

Harness the power of the Light Samurai Tosi, combine him with the other crazy nuke Taor the Water Chimera, finish with Raki and Chloe or Veromos and Chloe and your enemies are in for some serious trouble.

Luer Can also be really useful here with your nukes. The most expensive and op account we have account trading summoners war yet, easily gets to Guardian and can sit Guardian 2 anytime. The seller is working with us direct on this one For privacy the name has been omitted. Been a while since we offered you one of these mega natural 5 star monster accounts, well here we have some of the top monsters in the game and loads of them! You also have Trevor and Karl for the ultra rare 4 star nuke killers.

Rakan and Eshir, the power duo pair up nicely, add backup from Charlotte to finish your enemies, great starter and priced to reflect this. Awesome mid-game account for those looking for lots of rare monsters at a lower price. Ariel, Chasun and Chloe are a nightmare when paired up. This account has multiple viable builds you can make. Zaiross is always in high demand, here is your chance to grab an awesomely cheap starter to build your own account with.

Mid account trading summoners war account with the account trading summoners war tier revival Eladriel, plus Lushen and Theomars for some crazy Arena damage and clear speed, must have and cheaply priced for Xmas. Or mix in with Jamire for an amazing wind team.

Another beauty of a starter right here, wind power and heals with Chasun and Xing Zhe and his stone monkey passive ability. Han the Dark Ninja rocks, you have to try him out to see his potential. Another great Light and Dark Natural 5 star offered by us. Nice and cheap get it now. Nice and cheap Camilla starter for you to buy, has the highly sought account trading summoners war Eshir too.

Nice Fire Archangel - Velajuel starter account to make your own, cheap and ready to go. Can't afford the Conqueror ranked Zeratu, then how about a clean and unmodded Zeratu starter? This was just pulled and that is why the level is so low. You can make a scary team of Zeratu, Tyron, Galleon and Thrain for speed nuke power, or use Randy to aid your heroes. Rahul and Rica, really nice account with 7 six stars madePlaty for revival and Tyron for speed or Delphoi for immunity.

Also some really rare light and dark units here. Great Account for Natural five stars, you have Camilla the Water Valkryja for infinite turn regeneration, she pairs really nicely with the account trading summoners war water five stars on this account: Woosa will place a shield on his allies to help making this an awesome Arena Defense.

Veromos will finish you off nicely making the opponents dot damage and effects null. Who doesn't love Chimeras? Great account, water themed natural 5 stars with lots of AOE and damage dealers. This account has a long way to go in runes, that is why the price is so cheap.

Also some fusion material for Veromos the Dark Ifrit is here. This account has two, it is an early account but already tough in Arena defense. Work on fusing the Dark Ifrit Veromos to make that defense even scarier. This is done via the ability to remove all the beneficial effects off of the enemies, for example invincibility, shields, etc, as well as that ability it account trading summoners war a full team heal. This means you want this monster to be your fastest in the lineup.

Also noteworthy is the fact that it has the best bomber in the game Water Kobold Bomber which paired with the second best bomber Fire Joker is used to clear arena teams and Trials of Ascension teams. Another monster natural five star account here - 8 total, only 6, 6 stars made, so bit of work on the account trading summoners war, you have the ultra-rare Light Pioneer Nigong, it still needs account trading summoners war be six starred but when you do, it will be a terror for other players to face.

Not only this but the other highlight is Water Archangel Ariel - A healer powerhouse. Not much else needs to be said, just look at the monsters as well as the fusion 5 stars. The monster capable of some crazy one-shot action; the Dark Chimera. This account has the potential to go far into Guardian with some work. You also have Lushen, Galleon and Veromos here, two of the highest single target damage in the game and Chasun for heals. Or make a Zeratu, Lushen, Briand and Chasun team for revival and heals, op!

Marble can be leveled to make an epic light team. This is part of the double account listed below, take your pick which server to play or swap between them. A few notable Description: Account trading summoners war is account trading summoners war of the double account listed above price reflects thistake your pick which server to play, or switch.

A account trading summoners war mid-tier account with 9 six stars made. The fire element is heavy for damage dealing power. Okeanos and Tesarion followed by Arnold and finally Chasun to create an orange and red blur of damage. We will call this team fury. Just look at the crystals, in this account you get: Not to mention the already great 5 stars you get with the account, must buy! Some crazy top tier natural 5 stars 7 summoned9 six stars made. Raki and Juno and Chloe fire element - firepower combo starter account, great price for those on a budget.

Work on Rica as her and Zaiross pair like a dream. Fire element Zaiross not your poison? How about Jamire and Xing Zhe. Eshir and Groggo will pair nice too once leveled. Some of the most sought after natural five stars around in this account; Velajuel for his super immunity and overall tankiness, Laika for crazy damage and tankiness and same for Mei Hou Wang, you also have Poseidon and Leo.

Also has Chloe and Tiana. Chandra, Theomars, Tyron and Katarina make an awesome entry into the Account trading summoners war arena for both offense and an unpredictable defense.

Great Mid-tier account with 7 six stars made. Varus the Dark Griffon is good too, worth working on to the full 6 stars. Really cheap for the price too, it will be gone soon! Kicking off Batch 5 with an amazing account, chock full of rare account trading summoners war. Natural five star monsters: Vanessa, Ethna and Ritesh are highlights here, awesome mid tier account with 12 six stars made and six natural 5 star monsters, grab this quick it will be gone fast. Beth, Veromos and Sigmarus with lots of nice 4 stars to pair up with.

Awesome account right here, some top tier S-Rank nat five stars and many other natural 5 stars 9. This account has 25 six stars made. Grab it now at this introductrory price. Nice mid-tier account here with 15, 6 stars made. Account trading summoners war awesome water natural 5 stars who will deal nice damage when paired up together. You also have Groggo the Light Golem who when runed with low hp and high defense becomes a monster to kill in Arena Defense.

Rakan and Kumar are super tanks, add Veromos for his passive immunity and Chasun for her super heals and you have a killer Arena set up. Ariel the Water Archangel is a super tank and when paired with Taor the Water Chimera who deals heavy damage, this team will be no joke. Some work will be needed to make this account formidable however.

This is a mid-game account with great potential.

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