My Day Trading iMac Setup Using Bootcamp

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Ninja does not work on my mac what do you suggest or i use TOS on mac or chat software does not work on mac. They are secure, have very few issues if any most of the time. BUT trading is based on 1's and 0's and so are PC's I wish it where not so but it is.

Trading on a Mac cost you tons of opportunities in trading. Think of how many tools you have not been able to use because you had a mac.

Why Am I Trading? Are you trading to love your mac? You don't drive a mercedes in a nascar race and you don't trade on a Mac There are some fast mercedes but in general they are not built for nascar. That will work but it is a memory hog and again beats the point of having a mac if you hate pc's and windows why would you put windows on your mac At least keep the dog out of the mercedes ok - but some do this and are okay with it. Go to and download this http: Mac also has something called "Parallel" or "Parallels" which runs a windows os most mac users would probably be familiar with it.

Run Windows 7 in bootcamp I hate windows but you gotta use the operating system your tools work on. I know a government agency that uses them with Windows because they do. If you were to us a consumer PC, what would your minimum specs be, i. Being very very new to trading and knowing I would need to be able to trade at work my first thought was what type of tablet or PC to use? I see you all recommend EZ Trading Computers "https: However, is there a retail item you all would suggest for trading?

See EZ Trading Computers "https: If you're just starting and dabbling in trading just about any pc that is new would work. But stick as close to those specs as possible. A good computer is a tool that will save you a lot of money and the stability will help you not miss out on opportunities. For a limited time - Non public sale "https: I trade on my macbook pro with ease. I have windows 7 installed on a virtualbox which is free and nt7 runs like a champ. You dont need to buy parallels or buy vmware, just download virtualbox for free: You can use a windows 7 ISO file to install win 7 on it, or you can use an external CD drive and your windows 7 disc.

There are plenty of articles that explain how to convert CD to ISO if needed but with virtualbox it's not necessary unless you don't have a CD drive. You can also try crossover, but I did not have success with it. I've been building my own computers since I was a kid, and I can tell you that you don't need an expensive computer to run trading software at all.

Also we will be launching our new apex cloud service soon for a easy high end basically what you described multi monitor 8gb ddr3 etc. Its just the tower. Most people have a monitor keyboard mouse goal was most power least cost optimized for trading. EZ Trading Computers https: I did order them - got 8 of them They are expensive so not sure if they kept carrying them do to lack of demand or If so they can recommend something for you. Hello, the tools used like Ninja-Trader are awesome but require Microsoft.

I have also considered just buying a new computer, so I'm up for computer suggestions as well. U2Wt1aUo7qA will move this thread there. Now I know NOT to do that. Seems many missed darrel's original description: Windows runs on 1's and 0's, as does trading platforms. Mac's run on a different environment, hence they're Macs! No point in trying to make a giraffe act like a dog.

My poor bored Windows PC is about to get a workout. S5 - Structure - Trading Essentials. This is a question i get often.

I myself have a iMac, ipad, iphone, ipad etc You have a few chioices as a mac trader: If you put Bootcamp on them you can have the best of both worlds. Good morning Darrel, If you were to us a consumer PC, what would your minimum specs be, i. But stick as close to those specs as possible A good computer is a tool that will save you a lot of money and the stability will help you not miss out on opportunities The have a cheaper version as well For a limited time - Non public sale "https: It runs great as a virtual on my mac, but it is a powerhouse i7 3.

See I love my mac thread http: Get Free Futures Data Link: Get Free Forex Data Link:

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