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ACE has been ported to a large number of platforms using many different compilers over the years. Thus, if you need more "predictable" help, or help with earlier versions of ACE, it's recommend that you check out the list of commercial support companies for additional assistance.

The responsibility for maintaining ACE across the wide range of supported platforms is divided among a few different groups: The DOC group maintains platforms used in the course of their research and sponsored work Companies that provide support Riverace, OCI, and Remedy ITmaintain platforms they support in the course of their various service offerings The ACE user community maintains any other desired platforms.

The build scoreboard records the current status of build and regression testing during development by all of the above groups.

It is available to all users wishing to provide build results. See the autobuild README for more information about how to set up a build; contact one of the above groups to inquire about how to get your build results recorded on the scoreboard.

Because older platforms that are not maintained tend to fall into a broken state and clutter the ACE sources with code that is no longer used, the development team reserves the right to remove ACE configuration files and source code specific to inactive platform configurations that are not listed on the scoreboard.

The table below summarizes each group's role and where you can get more detailed information. Riverace's ACE Support page. PrismTech's web site ACE user community Responsible for continued maintenance and testing of platforms to which ACE has been ported, but aren't supported by the above groups. If you want to have support for these environments contact one of the commercial support organisations.

Although beginner systems the binary ace DOC beginner systems the binary ace has provided outstanding support for ACE over the years, ACE's success has greatly increased the amount of effort required to keep up with its maintenance, answer users' questions, and give design guidance.

Riverace offers world-class commercial services to support ACE users. To help new users to bootstrap quickly the release bundles of ACE as well as TAO include all needed files to use the build instructions in this document. If it is necessary to generate files for build tools for other compilers, one must run MPC to generate the appropriate files.

The options that have been used to generate the above build files can be found in global. These macros should always appear before including your platform specific config file. If you're building a number of versions of ACE, however, e. If you desire to add some site-specific or build-specific changes, beginner systems the binary ace can add them to your config. There are config files beginner systems the binary ace most versions of UNIX.

Please send email to the ace-users list if you get it working so it can be added to the master ACE release. For example, you probably want to do something like the following: This beginner systems the binary ace build the ACE library, beginner systems the binary ace, the examples, and the sample applications. Building the entire ACE release can take a long time and consume lots of disk space, however.

However, you should rarely, if ever, need to do this. First, if you are upgrading from an older release, the recommended practice is to start with a clean directory. Unpacking the newer beginner systems the binary ace over an older one will not clean up any old files, and trying to use the environment's "Clean" command will probably not account for all existing files.

To support both environments, ACE supplies files with different names for the different development and target platforms. All solution files have a. If you happen beginner systems the binary ace open a VC7. With the stock VC8, do not do this; Visual Studio will crash while attempting to convert the large solution and project files to build ACE.

Simply refuse the conversion and open the file with the correct format. Note that Microsoft has fixed this problem. There beginner systems the binary ace also a solution in beginner systems the binary ace directory to build all the tests tests. You may want to run ACE on a non-networked machine. This is one method: Note that when you run make in a sub directory you give make -f Makefile.

The all is needed to make sure the complete project is build. Before you can build the tests you need to build the protocols directory. You build then the tests with the following commands:. Beginner systems the binary ace your executables are compiled into a subdirectory, add -ExeSubDir subdirname to the command. If you are building for a machine without a network card, you may want to check here first. You will need the MinGW build tools and libraries, downloable from http: If you want to install ACE using "make beginner systems the binary ace and want all the.

This should create libACE. After building the library, you can change to that directory and run make: You will need the Cygwin build tools and libraries, downloable from http: For our build we require the following packages besides the beginner systems the binary ace the setup selects by default: Make builds easily under Interix or there is a prebuilt package at:. This port was built and tested under Interix 3. Any other options may not work.

After building the library, you can change to that directory and run make:. GNU files are set up so that shared libraries are not built on VxWorks, by default. Only static libraries, with. You must rebuild your VxWorks kernel after modifying that file. Then try running the tests. When prioopt or stacksz are omitted or specified as 0 default values will be used.

See the VxWorks shell documentation for the defaults for prio and opt. Using beginner systems the binary ace will not return the program name, but will result in a crash. GNU or your make invocation. Then, be sure to load the ACE and any other shared library before loading your executable s.

A shared library for VxWorks uses the same code as for a static non-shared library. The code in the shared library must be reentrant if you shared it between programs tasks. The ACE library meets this requirement. Shared libraries reduce build time, executable size, and load time of the executable. But, you must manually load the shared library before loading your executable s with a command such as:.

Shared libraries on VxWorks aren't the same as shared libraries on other operating systems. In particular, there is no support for creating copies of writeable global static data in the shared library.

If you share global data between separate programs, they may not work properly. See the discussion of shared code and reentrancy in the VxWorks' Programmers Guide. Instead of trying to run separate programs onto a VxWorks target, we recommend creating just one program, and spawning a thread for each task.

The ' ' addition makes sure this command is executed for the target environment and not the local host shell environment. Weaverto run the tests and capture their output:. The make version 3. It is available for NT as a freeware from the Cygwin site. This will build your ace library libACE. The other options are same as follows.

You may play around with above options to find suitable build for your needs. The debug symbols are necessary when you want to debug your code. The compilation creates native binaries, not the standard Android Java applications. The native binary applications that use ACE beginner systems the binary ace be run by either a shell or using the Java Runtime exec operation. The standalone toolchain must configured for a platform of android API level 8, 9, or From your NDK root directory you can use their make-standalone-toolchain.

To set up an arm-specific tool chain. With the release of NDK r6, x86 targets are supported, so the setup command for that would be:. It is not recommended to perform the build on a Windows host.

You should be able to follow the instructions above to build ACE and applications that use it. Use the Unix traditional instructions above to build ACE and the applications that use it. Building TAO for Android requires cross compiling the code.

Basic steps to build Setup up the standalone compiler toolchain by following the instructions provided with the Android NDK. Search for beginner systems the binary ace cross compilation". Note that x86 is only available in r6 and greater, and is still experimental.

Generate makefiles if necessary. Build with GNU make. Native applications using the ACE library can be installed onto devices by several different methods. The files can be include as assets of Java application and can be written by the Java application into it's executable program directory.

The native application can be downloaded by a Java application and written into the Java applications executable program directory. This method requires uploading the native application to a directory that allows execution and having any output directed to a writable directory.

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