Compiler Options

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C libraries Due to bit options c++ many code generation strategies possible in the 80x86 family of processors, a number of versions of the libraries are provided. You bit options c++ use the libraries that coincide with the particular code generation strategy or model that you've selected.

Letters are affixed to the file name to indicate the particular strategy with which the modules in bit options c++ library have been compiled. The following letters apply to bit libraries for the flat and small memory modelsand indicate the compiler option used:. A portion of the bit Watcom C Library is also stored in a memory-resident library called the system shared library. On multi-tasking systems, it makes sense that commonly-used library routines such as read and write be shared among processes.

By sharing the same code, the memory requirement for applications is reduced. These libraries are independent of the operating system. In general, a Math library is required when floating-point computations are included in the application. The Math libraries are operating-system independent.

The following situations indicate that one of the Math libraries should be included when linking the application. If the fpi option was used, the 80x87 emulator library emu If the fpi87 option was used, the 80x87 fixup library noemu If the fpi87 option was used, the empty 80x87 emulator library noemu Normally, the compiler and linker will automatically take care of this.

The fpi compiler option causes an 80x87 numeric data processor emulator to be linked into your application, in addition to any 80x87 math routines that were referenced.

For QNX, there is a common 80x87 emulator task that's used so that there's only one copy of the emulator in memory at any one time. This emulator decodes and emulates 80x87 instructions when an 80x87 isn't present in the system. When the fpi87 compiler option is used exclusively, the emulator isn't included.

In this case, the bit options c++ must be run on personal computer systems equipped with the numeric data processor. The bit options c++ Math libraries include support for floating-point, which is done out-of-line through runtime calls. Applications that are linked with one of these libraries bit options c++ require a numeric data processor for floating-point operations.

If one's present in the system, it's used; otherwise bit options c++ operations are simulated in software. The assembler file cstart. The assembler file cstrt The source code is provided for those who wish to customize the initialization sequence for special applications.

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