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Options Analysis Software for Excel. Make money in down markets. Profit whether the stock goes up or down. Try Options as an alternative investment. Options give you a virtually unlimited number of profit opportunities for ANY direction up, down, choppy, or still you think the stock is headed. You can limit both your profits and losses. You can control much larger quantities of stock for the same cost of buying the stock. Perhaps you have invested in a k.

Maybe you have bought or sold stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Options can be the next step in your short or long term investment strategies. Different forms of options are used everyday. Why do you have insurance on your house and car? It's to protect your property from an unlikely catastrophe for a small amount known as a premium.

In the same way some investors buy options on stocks and indexes as insurance protection against their holdings. The biggest advantage of options is their flexiblity.

They can be as conservative or speculative as your investment style needs to be. Here are some examples of strategies you can do with options:. Protect your existing stock or mutual funds from big declines. The most fundamental options strategy is to buy call or buy call put option strategy software.

First select a stock you are interested and go to an options chain quote service such as: Select an option you would like to purchase. The Calls are on the left and Puts are on the right. You will see the expiration date and exercise price for each option. The premium quotes are listed call put option strategy software In order to calculate the cost of the option, multiply the premium x number of contracts x shares per contract Myths about options Myth 1: They are gambling" While this can be certainly true for just buying options, option writing or selling gives the investor many very conservative and high probability options strategies.

Options can even be used as insurance against existing stock positions. Read the intro section for a very easy way to understand options. Now, options are available on over stocks. Options are "rain call put option strategy software An option is a right to buy or sell an asset for a specified price and time. Let's say you want to buy a TV call put option strategy software sale at Wal-Mart. You drive there only to find out that it's "sold out".

So you go to the clerk and ask for a "rain check". This "rain check" is a guarantee that you will get the TV for the sale price when they are back in stock.

There may be an expiration date on the "rain check" for 1 month from the out of stock date. This rain check qualifies as an Call option. You have the right to purchase the TV for the sale price up to 1 month regardless of how much the TV goes up or down in price during that period.

You are the buying this call option and Wal Mart is the seller. The only difference of this rain check versus a real option is that there is NO value on this option and it is call put option strategy software non-transferable.

Now, let's use this same concept for a stock. On the other side of this deal, there is someone who is willing to sell you this right for you to buy Microsoft from him for Rain check for TV Expiration Date.

A profit loss table for 1 call option contract shares, total cost: You also limit your maximum risk to the lower cost of the option. The only downside to buying options is that your probability is high that the stock will stay the same resulting in call put option strategy software losing some or all of your option value. Buying put options are the same strategy as buying calls, only betting the stock will go down instead of up.

A profit loss table for 1 put option contract shares, total cost: Call put option strategy software "naked put" is simply selling or writing a put option instead of buying it. A "covered call" has the same exact profit and loss table as a naked put. If you own an existing stock and are worried that there may be call put option strategy software correction in the short term, you can buy a put to insure the stock against such a catastrophe.

Bull Spread - a conservative option play. A more conservative approach to just buying a call would be the bull spread. This involves buying one call and selling another call further out. This would result in a spread position where you max loss and profit are limited. A straddle option spread allows you to make money whether the stock moves up OR down.

It is simply combining a buy put and buy call option. The Straddle will only lose if the stock stays the same. A Short Straddle is the opposite of the straddle. Option Basics Perhaps you have invested in a k. Here are some examples of strategies you can do with options: Rain check for TV. Call buy or Put sell. Neither Star Research, Inc. None of the charts or information contained in these pages should be construed as a solicitation to trade any of these strategies.

In addition, none of the prices contained in the graphs are current. All data is provided solely as theoretical examples for informational purposes. Consult a call put option strategy software options broker before assuming a position you are unfamiliar with. There is risk of loss in all trading.

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