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Daily General Discussion - April 4, self. To view live streaming comments for this thread, click here. Account permissions are required to post comments through Reddit-Stream. This particular smart contract is a type of prediction market for Reddit submissions. An interface to the smart contract has also been developed and is live and usable here. Prediction markets allow participants to bet on the future outcome of a question.

In this case the market is asking: Anyone is then free to bet stake ETH or another token to either support that content or reject it. At any given time, a market for a particular post will be either in favour of it or against depending on which side has staked more.

The side that is winning is the side that was willing to risk more. The market will end currently 12 hours after it was opened at which point any contributor to the winning side can ethereum trader platform reddit their original stake plus ethereum trader platform reddit share of the losing side. While prediction markets have been proposed for all kinds of uses work on the one was prompted by this ethresear. Requiring content to prove it's "support" via a prediction market is a sustainable, distributed, and transparent way to fight spam and improve quality.

Initially a piece of submitted content has no market. It may stay that way and not receive either support or a rejection challenge. In such cases I would suggest the content proceed ethereum trader platform reddit it's normal lifecycle through the Reddit system use Reddit's algorithms to determine length of time on the front page, etc. A submission can also be challenged, ie. Supporting would also be an opportunity for anyone ethereum trader platform reddit win the rejectors stake.

Similarly a market can opened with a supporting stake and the bot would notify the thread with a reply indicating that a market had been opened in support of the content. In either case the bot's reply would be updated with ethereum trader platform reddit current state of the market if it "flips". Any flip to "rejected" would trigger a 1 hour delay before removal. This token is distributed to you based on your karma in the top 4 Ethereum related subreddits when you link an Ethereum address to your Reddit username by registering.

There is no Ethereum trader platform reddit - you are just awarded the token for having been here and contributed to the community. There are definitely improvements to be made to the system. Details on these and the current design can be found on this thread. Any contribution to the mechanism, design, or any part of this experiment including how we communicate about it, are greatly appreciated. The RECT token as well as the on-chain registry of usernames and karma are controlled by a dao.

Blackmoon crypto made a cringey fake conference video to shill their fake tech. Fifth Third bank is no longer ethereum trader platform reddit friendly. I was asked to leave due to crypto. Vitalik calling out Craig Wright for what he is, a fraud twitter.

Vitalik tweetstorm about today's conference - must read twitter. I ethereum trader platform reddit a beginners Guide to Ichimoku Trading for Crypto self. I wrote a beginners guide on how to use the Ichimoku cloud for cryptocurrency. Even if you do not want to day trade. It is crucial to see in which direction the trend of a currency is going. I appreciate your feedback. Like with all trading and technical analysis. You are dealing with probabilities and not certainties. Should Ethereum implement the proposed hardcap?

Hey guys, I posted quite a bit yesterday in this thread on why I think we should seriously consider the M hardcap Vitalik proposed two days ago. I made the link to the Reddit discussion non-participatory, but if you have a value-added comment to make, you know what to do.

Rather than brigade that post, consider posting your thoughts here. Discussion should be around technical issues, and not about price issues. I believe the community has just not fully internalized this yet. Greater ETH token value is going to mean a more secure network for all of us. There is no doubt in my mind that the price of ETH is lower than it could be because it lacks a hardcap, due to a highly competitive crypto marketplace.

Would we need to be sure that the network could technically function with this supply cap? Absolutely, but the fact that Vitalik brought it up leads me to believe that he's already ethereum trader platform reddit to the conclusion that it can. It would be great to have more analysis in this regard. My thoughts are best summarized by my comment here. Rather than repeat myself, please take ethereum trader platform reddit time to read it if you are interested.

Yes, implementing a hardcap would likely raise the price, but that increase in price is far more important than just making some people here rich. Ethereum's niche in this growing crypto market is ethereum trader platform reddit it is the highest security, decentralized smart contract chain in existence.

There may be others who are faster, but they will be less secure and by the way, Ethereum will still have Plasma and other L2 for those dapps. There may be others that are more secure as a non-smart contract protocol, but lack the extensibility of Ethereum.

This is a very special sweet spot that I believe the world needs. I one day want my house deed, and perhaps more importantly, the house deed of a slum dweller in a less wealthy part of the world, to be stored on Ethereum. Those folks don't have meaningful property rights, but something like Ethereum could give it to them. In order for us to do that, Ethereum needs to be far more valuable than it is today, especially under Proof of Stake, where token value has a very real connection to security.

I write more on that here in this older post. I also recommend reading this if you want to learn more about Casper. I encourage you to ready my comments throughout that linked post if you want to understand my perspective, and those on the other side as well. This is a very important and possibly divisive question for this community. Inform yourselves and develop your own opinions. Ethereum trader platform reddit, I don't know if it will happen, but Vitalik suggests a CarbonVote on this issue could be possible.

Daily Altcoin Discussion - April 4, self. Blox Ethereum trader platform reddit button is exactly ethereum trader platform reddit you need now youtube. Platform That exchange your Crypto's without any Exchange fees self.

They accept and exchange all major cryptocurrencies, whereas they do ethereum trader platform reddit charge any fees on behalf of exchanging currencies on his platform.

The Exchange will be directly connected to the user wallets and therefore only charges fees incl. Full functionality of the exchange will be implemented after the ICO. Pecunio offers multicurrency wallets and safe market access for all crypto market businesses via an easy-to-use interface. Easy registration via ethereum trader platform reddit, instant account set-up including wallet, easy ethereum trader platform reddit, easy payout via PayPal, bank transfer or cryptocurrencies.

Physical office locations in Vienna and Dubai Encrypted communication, safe transfers due to cold-storage wallets, wallet management prevents loss of key. Join hands with us as we dive deep into the impractical, unscrupulous, ethereum trader platform reddit sometimes hilarious world of cryptocurrency startups. Whether we are dealing with MLM ponzis, unregistered securities, or Blockchain 4. The Abyss - https: Fiat can be used on the platform rendering the token practically useless.

A website that was registered less than a month ago, Github which is 2 days old and of course no development. Twitter page was also created less than a month ago and has Aggressive community manager that banned our researcher, and kept harassing him through DM.

Rod Jao on of the co-founders as well as other team members are connected to companies that were halted by BSCS ethereum trader platform reddit fraudulent email spamming. Project has no experience ethereum trader platform reddit in the crypto space, and no evidence of any relevant MVP or Development.

Bit Nautic - https: The Company that aims to ethereum trader platform reddit all those fields was just registered to a flat in Jan Smoke Network - https: Company was incorporated 11 days ago. The founders previous project which does not seem to have taken off was the same idea they are doing now without blockchain, possibly signaling that blockchain is not really necessary for the project. The team does not seem to be very proficient with the project documentation, and no have verifiable Blockchain track record for a project of this magnitude.

The Token is not needed, and creates an additional layer of complexity on the platform while just acting as a funding vehicle for the team. Qompass reminds us a bit of the Centra ICO founders were arrested earlier this week and is highly rated by icobench 4. If you want to see what kerogers found, click thru the link: The ConcourseQ team would like to thank everybody that helped on these DDs and all the others!

If you want to join our community, meet us on our Discord. The Plasma Whitepaper converted to Audiobook format! India more interested in Ethereum than Bitcoin qz. Why Ethereum will Revolutionize the Gaming Industry medium.

Get paid Littercoin for producing open data on plastic pollution anywhere medium.

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