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What follows here is a compilation of questions that have been forwarded to the author regarding the world of Arborell. I have found these particular questions most interesting and believe they provide additional information about the nature of Arborell that others may also find informative. If you have a question regarding this gamebook series you can contact me at the email address given above, or through the chroniclesofarborell yahoo group.

Dark [ Thursday 19 July, ] Hi. A recent visit to a science museum with a discussion of how to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete solar planets of binary star systems got me thinking about Arborell. I know from various references that the two moons, elana and Shabal each have their own phases and times of rising and setting, however the same does not seem to be true of the Suns, which always seem to rise and set together, and which seem pretty much to act as one.

Indeed, the two suns don't have names or distinctions, unlike the moons. This seems slightly odd given what we know about binery star systems, sinse a planet would orbit one sun while the entire system orbited the other sun. This would mean that from one sun there would be a conventional day and night cycle, but the other sun would have a far more variable position and roll quite independent of what the first sun was doing.

In Brian Aldis Heliconia series for example, the planet Heliconia and it's star orbit a much larger sun, and the planet's seasons which last for hundreds of years depend upon the orbit of the Helicon sun around it's primary star which is extremely slow, thus meaning during heliconian summer you would actually see two suns in the sky, and it never got completely dark at night accept at the very far polls.

Of course, Arborell, as a kingdom of magic doesn't have to actually obey the laws of physics or indeed be said to take place within the context of a planetary system at all. In fact, in a lot of places in the Chronicles it seems that the suns are of very much secondary importance beside the two moons, both in the creation mythology of the Oera'dim, and more generall in place names and rituals, though the trel might have thought different given that they did construct a temple of the suns specifically, is this another reason the Oera'dim pay so little attention to the suns, being reminders of their creators?

I know there is to be an almanac of Arborell, so perhaps this is a matter covered there, though if you could shed any light on this I'd be interested to know, sinse the fairly uniform mentions in the text of the suns has sometimes seemed slightly strange given the detail paid to other aspects of the world of Arborell.

All the best, Dark. Hi Dark, Thanks for your email and your question regarding the astronomy of Arborell. You have put forward a number how to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete interesting questions here and I will endeavour to answer them in order. The first question you raised asks about the possibility of how two suns can act in tandem rather than follow the usual pattern of binary systems regarding orbital mechanics and attendant planetary systems.

I must agree that if I how to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete writing a sci-fi series I would have paid much greater attention to this aspect of the world I have created but having said that, there is a reason why the astronomy of Arborell is portrayed as it is.

The physical landscape of Arborell as a part of the larger world of Emur is in effect a physical representation of the creation mythology expressed within the story of the Sorrows of Gedhru and Aume. The moons are named Shabel and Elanna to mirror the role played by them as Daughter-Gods within the story of the Sorrows and the suns of Arborell are actually Gedhru and Aume, the Father and Mother Gods of that creation myth.

I guess you could say that the world is a reflection of that story and as a fantastical world has only one set of rules that apply, that being the rules of creation established by Gedhru and then acted upon by his daughter Elanna. The suns move in tandem not because they are a binary star system but because they are the Creator-Gods themselves looking down upon their creation, inseparable lest they lose each other in the How to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete Void beyond.

If this is the case it then brings to notice the second part of your question about why the suns of Arborell are not named within the storyline, at least not as yet. To the Men of Arborell the suns that warm the world are just as they appear, suns.

Just as we do not in normal conversation give our own sun a special name so it is with the human inhabitants of Arborell. For the Oera'dim however, things are completely different.

The Oera'dim know exactly what the suns of Arborell are and have named them accordingly as Gedhru and Aume. The reason why they do not openly express these names is because they cannot.

Just as we do not give God a name as such so the Oera'dim do not openly identify Gehdru or Aume by name. In their context it is disrespectful. Elanna and Shabel are wholly different however. As Daughter-Gods they are viewed by the Oera'dim as intermediaries and all the rituals and worship that flows to them are messages that the Oera'dim believe will be passed by the Daughter-Gods to the Creator Gods.

One point that firms this belief with the Oera'dim is the fact that an Oera'dim cannot look directly at the suns of Arborell without blinding themselves. This is taken as an article of faith that to look upon the Creator-Gods and to speak their names in direct communication is an affront that brings with it dire consequences. If an Oera'dim wishes to send a message to the Creator-Gods then it must be done through Elanna or Shabel.

They can be looked upon directly and given the prayer or ritual face to face. This is very important to the Oera'dim. Messages are always sent by How to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete, never simply written down and forwarded.

An Oera'dim can sense the sincerity of a message by standing face to face with the Messenger who speaks it. In the case of Gedhru and Aume they cannot do this. With Elanna and Shabel they can. Hence the Daughter-Gods and the Moons that represent them have a greater visibility than the suns. I will provide more info on all this later in the development of the Chronicles. I hope this answers some of your questions on this.

Thanks for the answers, all of that makes a great deal of sense and indeed sheds light quite appropriatelyon various aspects of Arborell, indeed once again I'm absolutely amazed by the completeness of the series and world. However, you said that the Oera'dim do not name Gedhru and Aume or address them directly, yet, the Enkara does just this, with each verse seemingly addressed to one of the deities of Arborell.

All the best, Luke. My Reply Hi Dark, The enkara is a song of regret and as a way of communicating with the Creator-Gods is only a recent addition to their liturgy. Most of what the Oera'dim believe about the nature of their world has come from direct contact with the Three Powers, especially the Silvan Tree and her emissaries the Caer'dahl.

What they know is in effect truth, given to them by the Silvan Tree as a part of the process of maintaining balance in the world that is necessary for the ongoing health of Emur. The enkara is very different from all other religious activities how to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete by the Oera'dim however.

Only introduced amongst the Hresh after the Horde Wars forced the Oera'dim into the desolation of the northern wastes, it is a reminder for all Oera'dim of what they have lost in their wars with the Four Nations of Men.

It is the one part of the Oera'dim belief system that they have developed for themselves, but in doing so have still maintained the rules of contact that have existed since the first Caer'dahl made themselves known to the Hordim. The enkara is only sung at the setting of the moons and only when a warband is on mission against the Four Nations. The singing of the enkara at the setting of the moons is also a powerful symbol for them of how things lost can be regained, and one that is proven with the rising again of the moons in the east the folowing night.

It is true that the names of all the deities of Arborell are mentioned in the song, but again there is no direct communication how to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete Gedhru and Aume and so far no consequences have flowed for doing so.

I hope this answers your question. Regards Wayne Sharyah and Gold From: Dark [ Wednesday March 21, ] Hi. I like the new Arborell blog, but I just had a couple of questions about the top ten. First, you mention that a person can only hold three different Sharea at once, yetin Torchlight the arborell game we've seen most of the Sharea thus fargathering all six is given as a game objective, indeed I gave that a try myself last year.

Has this rule changed with the game revision? Secondly, as to gold, we've already seen a lot of instances of people wandering around with quantities of gold quite free of dragon molestation, indeed I rather got the idea that by the time of the arrival of humans in Arborell that the rift dragons, while not actually extinct, were less than common even in the rift mountains, and anyway unlike the Moon Dragons of the ancient world wouldn't be inclined to attack a walled city such as Millers crossing much less Maenum.

Indeed by the time of the four nations, I'd sort of assumed that the surviving dragons were those who were intelligent enough to know that attacking an entire army of humans just to steel their pay wasn't a good idea. Is it more the case that rather like the American wild west, cities in Arborell have a bullian deposite or a bank where most currency is stored, nd how to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete transported cross country it's taken under extremely heavy guard, not just because of bandits but because of the chance of a marauding dragon?

On a related note, you mention that in Arborell there is a considderable amount of dangerous wildlife. However, thus far we've only seen the northern border lands of arborell, even in Blood and Iron, I got the idea that Callenfree was pretty far to the north, perhaps only a couple of hundred miles from the rift mountains. Rather like the way the British nearly exterminated all the lions from Africa when it was colonized, and the Russians did!

Though southern dragons are mentioned, we don't yet know how common these might be. Of course, sinse most of the Chronicles we've seen so far have been concerned exclusively with the hordim and their wars with the four nations, it's quite possible I'm incorrect on southern Arborell, and when titles like Honour amongst Thieves and The messenger are published we'll find out differently. Still I thought I'd ask. Hi Dark, Thanks for your questions.

I'll go through each of these topics in turn. Firstly about the Sharyah. You are completely correct in your observation regarding the number of Sharyah that have been given as a game objective in Torchlight. With the evolution of the history of Arborell the nature and usage of these talismans has changed and I have gone back to both the card-based game and the text version and changed this aspect of the game to reflect the new rules regarding Sharyah.

I was planning on doing something about this but your question gave me the nudge I needed to do the changes properly. All the appropriate changes have been made and have been reflected in the Torchlight online version, the text download files and the original card-based game. It took a bit but it is now all done. Good catch on that one. Your second question regarding gold is an interesting one. In Arborell gold is a death sentence. To carry it knowingly upon the roads, or to have it stored in any above ground repository leads to Dragon attack and the destruction of anything that stands between it and the gold.

Humans learned this very early in their settlement and gold is left in the ground or buried in vaults such as the Deep Vault so that it might pass beyond the notice of the Dragons.

All coinage used in how to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete Four Nations is silver rials and all precious objects are made of metals other than gold. In the mythology of Arborell only one artifact has ever been made with gold and that was the Orncryst, its gold inlay designed to draw the Ell'adrim from Ul'ashma so that they how to win in binary option yahoo groups kings the complete be destroyed.

You are correct that the Rift Dragons are little seen but they are still in existence and still active in the world. You might remember that in Blood and Iron Mallen Cael and Gremorgen Hedj have a close encounter near the tpesh at the edges of the Forest of Meshaal and when Gremorgan uses the Gatheringstone to follow its journey he sees its wide range across the western and northern borders of the world. In the upcoming release of A Murder of Crows there is another encounter with Rift Dragons that is precipitated by the discovery of a gold artifact by Tansen'Delving.

Needless to say when finding the item you have a choice of keeping it, or throwing down a very deep hole. The overwhelming nature of a Dragon's addiction to gold means that no walled city or fortification would be safe and no traveller would take any gold item with them onto the roads. Even the smallest trace of its would bring attention to that traveller and because of this the precious metal has lost all value.

You mention that there are lots of instances where people are wandering around with gold. Please let me know where this has been stated so that I might review those circumstances. Unfortunately in nineteen years of writing the Chronicles there may be things that I have overlooked. It has happened before and I'm sure it would not be the last time. On your third point you are correct that human settlement has changed the natural balance of Kalborea and the other nations.

Just as in the real world settlement, farming and the laying of transport infrastructure in Arborell has changed the environment for predators and prey alike.

Whereas the open plains and farmlands of Arborell may be relatively bereft of dangerous wildlife, the mountains, ruins and all the dark places of the world remain just as dangerous and if you add in the dangers of contact with the Oera'dim just as much in need of caution.

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