IOSCO report on trading of OTC derivatives

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Thematic review of the implementation on the timeliness and frequency of disclosure to investors according to principiles 16 and Criteria for identifying simple, transparent and comparable securitisations.

Report on SME financing through capital markets. Report on credible deterrance in the enforcement of securities regulation. Good practices on reducing reliance on CRAs in asset management. Survey on anti-fraud messaging.

Code of conduct fundamentals for Credit Rating Agencies. Public quantitative disclosure standards for central counterparties. Review of the implementation of principles for financial benchmarks. Risk mitigation standards for non-centrally cleared OTC derivatives. Final report on the recovery of financial market infrastructures. Strategic framework for investor education and financial literacy. Securities Markets risk Outlook Market-based long-term financing solutions for SMEs and infrastructure.

Review of the implementation of principles for financial benchmarks in respect of the closing spot rate. Assessment methodology of the implementation of principles for financial benchmarks. Risk identification and assessment methodologies for securities regulators.

First update to initial level 1 assessment report on implementation monitoring of Principles for Financial Markets Infrastructures. Point of sale disclosure in the insurance, iosco report on trading of otc derivatives february 2011 and securities sectors. Recommendations regarding the protection of client assets.

Regulation of retail structured products. Regulatory issues raised by changes in market structures. Trading fee models and their impact on trading behaviour. Securities Markets Risk Outlook. Securities Markets Risk Outlook Report on the second hedge fund survey. Margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives. Report level 1 on progress towards implementing the principles for Financial Market Infrastructures. Report on authorities' access to trade repository data.

Principles for financial benchmarks. Principles for the regulation of Exchange Traded Funds. Principles for the valuation of Collective Investment Schemes. Addendum to report on investigating and prosecuting market manipulation. Issues and regulatory tools on technological challenges to effective market surveillance.

Principles of liquidity risk management for Collective Investment Schemes. Report on investor iosco report on trading of otc derivatives february 2011 initiatives relating to investment services.

Suitability requirements with respect to the distribution of complex financial products. Internal controls designed to ensure the integrity of the credit rating process and procedures to manage conflicts of interest. Disclosure framework and assessment methodology for their principles for financial markets infrastructures.

Principles for ongoing disclosure for asset-backed securities. Recommendations on global developments in securitisation regulation. Iosco report on trading of otc derivatives february 2011 of the Principles for the regulation and supervision of commodity derivatives markets. Policy recommendations for Money Market Funds. The Credit Default Swap Market. International Standards for derivatives market intermediary regulation.

Multilateral Memorandum of understanding. Principles for financial market infrastructures. Principles of liquidity risk management for CIS. IOSCO - Intermediary internal controls associated with price verification of structured finance products and regulatory approaches to liquidity risk management.

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