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Raptors guide to scoreboard watching over final week of the season. After a relatively quiet trade deadline, save for a trade of long-time project Bruno Caboclo to the Sacramento Kings for Malachi Richardson who will likely take Bruno's spot with Raptorsthe Toronto Raptors will now recalibrate and focus on the NBA buyout market. Teams have until March 1 to release a player in time for him to sign with a playoff team for a postseason run.

We knew that it was something that was coming. We have our internal lists. The issue for the Learn to trade options toronto raptors, like it is for other clubs, is team chemistry. Clearly, things are working for the Dinos' rotation right now with their second unit emerging learn to trade options toronto raptors the finest bench in the entire NBA.

You don't want to introduce an element to upset that, so any addition made will have to be done in the midst of a fine balancing act. We have to be thoughtful learn to trade options toronto raptors who that player is, what their role is, what their expectations are.

It might be something where you come in and you play sometimes, but you might not play all the time, obviously, depending on the calibre of player. Now 37, Johnson brings a wealth of playoff learn to trade options toronto raptors While Johnson fits the bill for the Raptors as a shooter off the learn to trade options toronto raptors, this has not been Johnson's finest season when it comes to his stroke from beyond the arc.

There's hope, however, that would change on a better team than the Jazz from whom the Kings acquired him at the deadline. Undoubtedly the Raptors would be interested, but you can count on the likes of the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics the first of the now seven teams Johnson has played for to come calling, as well.

News Video Masters Leaderboard. Josh Lewenberg Raptors guide to scoreboard watching over final week of the season. I imagine we will be active in the buyout market.

Could the Italian be headed for a second tour of duty with Dinos? Belinelli, 31, appeared primed for a deal before the deadline, considering the Hawks benched him in their last game prior to the deadline with the Memphis Grizzlies, but they held on to him and have decided to buy him out.

Like Johnson, Belinelli is a pure shooter and will attract interest from the Raptors and others looking for a threat from deep off the bench. Oddly enough, the Raptors likely won't be the only club looking at reacquiring Belinelli with the year vet also having spent time with both the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.

The Grizzlies appeared to have every intention of moving Evans prior to Thursday's deadline, but held out for the best possible offer that didn't come. The team was reportedly looking for at least a first-round pick in any return and didn't want to retain any salary beyond this season. That never materialized with teams coming learn to trade options toronto raptors with multiple seconds.

Because Evans, 28, is only on a one-year deal, the Grizzlies don't have his Bird rights and likely won't be able to exceed the same mid-level cap exception he's likely to be offered elsewhere. Basically, all this means is that Evans might be in no rush to re-sign in Memphis unless he really wants to and the Grizzlies risk losing him for nothing after not moving him yesterday.

So if the feeling is that Evans isn't coming back, a buyout could be agreed upon and he would have no problem finding himself a new club. As for the Raptors, the fit doesn't seem to be there. Evans is a starter and accustomed to hefty minutes, something that he won't be offered in Toronto. He's unlikely to get the playing time he does right now with the Grizzlies anywhere, but there certainly will be teams capable of handing more opportunity than the Raptors can. Ersan Ilyasova is likely the least sexy name on the list of potential candidates, but the big Turk undoubtedly brings value.

Ilyasova, 30, spaces the floor, creates room and his near seven-foot frame belies a sweet stroke from distance. Ilyasova doesn't really move the needle when it comes to box presence, but he's tenacious after loose balls and doesn't dog it on the defensive end.

It would be interesting to see how the Raps would incorporate him into the frontcourt rotation without upsetting current roles. Well, here we go. This is the one buyout candidate who will elicit the greatest response from Raptors fans, both positively and negatively. Could the prodigal learn to trade options toronto raptors return to Toronto?

First, from a practicality perspective - Marc Stein says that the Kings would like to keep Carter around for the full year. That's their preference right now. That said, if a destination presented itself that satisfied Carter, a buyout would be considered.

So would Toronto be considered as that kind of destination? Josh Lewenberg notes that the Raptors offered Carter a deal in the summer and he chose to learn to trade options toronto raptors elsewhere. Let's assume, then, that he would come. Where does he fit? While Carter's minutes have been sparse in this his 20th NBA season, he started six games in the playoffs a year ago for the Memphis Grizzlies. But why the Learn to trade options toronto raptors would want Carter is more about what he brings to the table off the court than what he does on.

At 41, Carter is now among the NBA's elder statesmen and one of its most respected veterans, a far cry from the year-old who admitted to quitting on the Raptors in his final days with the club. Carter's leadership and steadying hand could be an invigorating tonic for a young team intent on a long playoff run. Time is said to heal all wounds learn to trade options toronto raptors Carter's receptions in Toronto have markedly improved since his early returns with the Nets in which he was booed out of the building at every touch.

If there was ever an opportunity for Air Canada to return to the Hangar, it appears that this is the best one.

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Raptors guide to scoreboard watching over final week of the season. Years later, shortly into his first season with the Raps, he sent Rudy Gay to Sacramento. Like the Melo trade before it, the deal worked out a whole lot better than anybody could have imagined, but it was also one he felt compelled to pull the trigger on at the time.

For the purpose of this discussion, we can probably go ahead and pretend like the Austin Daye for Nando de Colo deadline day anti-blockbuster of never happened. That leads us to the extenuating circumstances of last February. The Raptors appeared to be in the midst of a major mid-season collapse, having lost 11 of 15 games. They had a glaring hole at the power forward position, their defence was a mess and they were starting to lose the locker room.

Besides, they had a point. So, they made a couple of moves — both no-brainers, given their needs, expendable assets and the cost. First, they nabbed Serge Ibaka from Orlando for Terrence Ross and a first-round pick, and then they beat the buzzer in acquiring P. Tucker from Phoenix for Jared Sullinger and a pair of second-rounders. ET on Thursday, Feb. Sitting just a game and a half behind first-place Boston — as of Thursday morning — and with Cleveland looking more vulnerable than ever having just lost Kevin Love for up to two months, there is a window of opportunity in the East.

If there was ever a time to take a big swing and go for it, this might be it. At the top of their wish list: However, the most notable difference from last year and the greatest obstacle standing in the way of them making a big splash next week — even if they wanted to — is what they have to work with.

The Raptors had all their picks at their disposal, plus the Clippers first-rounder, which helped make the Ibaka deal possible. Most conversations will begin and end with their lack of available draft picks.

In other words, the earliest first-rounder the Raptors can offer right now is their pick. As long as someone is willing to pay it — and someone should be — they will beat anything the Raptors could, or would, offer.

Of all the calls they receive, their most asked about players are rookie OG Anunoby, sophomore Jakob Poeltl and third-year point guard Delon Wright, according to team sources, but — barring an overwhelming offer — they have no intention of moving those guys. The emergence of Norman Powell made him expendable and his salary made the Ibaka deal work, money-wise.

With a top-heavy payroll structure and so many rookie scale contracts, it would be very tough for Toronto to match the salary of an impact player they can only take back per cent of the outgoing salary in a deal.

However, after signing his extension in October, the Raptors are unable to trade him until the off-season. If anything, his recent strong play makes it less likely he is traded next week. They could look to package him with a second-round pick in the hopes of adding a shooter at the end of the bench. Whether that would interest anyone enough to part with a player that Raptors could actually use remains to be seen.

The expectation is that this will be a quiet trade deadline in Toronto. News Video Masters Leaderboard. Josh Lewenberg Raptors guide to scoreboard watching over final week of the season.