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CT Europe in Dusseldorf. After hearing the work reports, Guo Wenqing expressed his greetings and gratitude and voicedhis positive recognition ofthe work of the staff of China Minmetals' companies in Europe. He then said that the reports of the European companies increasedhis confidence in the overseas companies, and gave the European companies five suggestions:.

First, it should be firmly believed that China Minmetals' overseas companies willachieve outstanding performance. The strategic recombination of China Minmetals and MCC showed our mission and ambition to be the 'best in China and first-class in the world',as well asthe national team of mining enterprises, and it also solved the positioning problem of being long-term, strategic and advanced.

This world-class 'giant' enterprise needs such a group for its overseas business. The overseas groups requireand deserve more attention and enhancement to becomeoptimized, professional and excellent. Everyone should stick to their belief inrevitalizing our nation throughactual work, mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf reinforcetheir confidence to do a good mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf inoverseas business. Second, the trade of China Minmetals must be operated, but more research is required into how to make trades that preserve and increase value and are competitive.

We have a mature and complete global trading system which representsthe accumulation of 66 years of work since the foundation of China Minmetals. Although we have encountered some failures and lessons, valuable experience was gained overall. We should cherish this history and the trading system. Our overseas teams have strived for decades during which groups of international talents were produced, and these talents are mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf most valuable fortune because they are the basis and root of building the overseas trading platform.

We should treasure the power of these talents. We have to conducttrade, but with changes in the markets, the international economic situation and international financial environment, our business environment is becomingsevere mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf some fields are even getting worse. As such, we should continuously innovate our trading system with environmental changes. We should figure out how to conductour trade, what kind of China Minmetals trading system we should make, and how we can carry outinnovativetransformation to createa trading system that preserves and increases value and is effective.

This is a matter of direction that requiresmore discussion before it canbe promoted and perfected in our work. Third, we should produce combined and coordinated effects to achieve the goalof a RMB billion domestic market. After the recombination of China Minmetals and MCC, it has been carefully researched, counted and decided that we canbuild a RMB billion domestic market. In the past, ourcoordination problems included the improper internal coordination problem ofChina Minmetals, and the new coordination problem after the recombination of China Minmetals and MCC involving nickel, copper, steel, iron sand, infrastructure construction, emerging industries and so on.

We should expand the domestic market more because it has huge potential and complementarityfor mutual support and matching. We should break the overlapping chains and connect them with optimization. Fourth, the innovativetransformation of trade should be accelerated into the general trading system of 'two mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf out, two heads on lock, going-out and going-in actively, closed cycle'.

The 'two heads out' means suppliers and clients; the 'two heads on lock' means mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf 'two heads' risk should be locked by law; and the 'going-out and going-in actively, closed cycle' means that we should acquire major customers, big projects and big industry.

The trading model in whichtrade was transformedaccording to the salesman and individual with fragmentation and potential risks should be changed, and our weakness of 'the last mile' in the trading flow system should especially be solved.

We should carefully analyze our past problems in trade, solve the problems of thedisjointedcycle system, fight for each other and make each cycle connected, balanced by each other and responsive to each other. Fifth, the overseas team should be stabilized and reshaped to build a top overseas team.

The main leaders and core staff of the overseas team should be industriousand have strict standards and the courage to struggle. We must stabilize the team to reinforce the minds of theworkersand helpthem believe. The next step is to conductresearch on the combination of the overseas team and reshape the overseas team of China Minmetals. We should choose our beststaff to promote overseas business; for example, MCC sends staff to the overseas team of China Minmetals to help them add more business contents, such as metallurgical construction, equipment and spare parts, new-type city construction, mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf material applications and so on.

As mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf overseas business grows bigger, we should mobilize the initiative of the overseas staff and make the overseas income stable and reasonable, thereby making the core staff settle down towork.

Guo Wenqing met with the families of the staff of China Minmetals in Germany and expressed his greetings and gratitude for their understanding and support forChina Minmetals.

During the inspection of ZCC. Darmon and hisChina marketing team. The SMS Group is aleading enterprise engagedin metallurgical technology and equipment.

Forum mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf of China Minmetals companies Europe. General Manager Guo Wenqing makes an important speech. He then said that the reports of the European companies increasedhis confidence in the overseas companies, and gave the European mcc trading deutschland gmbh dusseldorf five suggestions:

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