add some convenient methods for BinData and UUID

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Important note for existing customers: Stored data sources may need to be changed. JSST - In the Spreadsheet Bridge a reorder of columns in the mapping table does not reorder correctly; an additional refresh of the page after each drag-drop is needed to correct it.

JSST - Finder point-and-click does not preserve the options mongodb bindata to guid when clicking on a regex type; can be added manually after the double click to the text area. JSST - In the Visualizer, when you delete items from the left-hand-side entity list, if you delete the last node, the delete seems not to work. If you delete it again it works. JSST - The drag-and-drop of items in the Visualizer does not preserve the visual effect of the mouse cursor when the mouse crosses out of the data table boundary on the left.

The drag-and-drop works with no issue - it is only the visual cue that stops upon the widget boundary. Refreshing the screen stops this behavior for the rest of the session and operation is then normal. JSST - In the mongodb bindata to guid, when using IE, the link for the page which si the active page in the table of contents in the left-hand-pane is broken.

All other links work fine. JSST - In the Finder when aggregating repeating, first and last row may not aggregate with the second or second to last row. JSST - In Finder, complex strings with double quotes may not be accepted as a facet value and the string may be broken into a facet search and a partial text search.

This is also true for the Aggregation Builder with the filter match stage. An example of such a string is:. JSST - The bind values dialog will not accept select strings for selection.

The only possible workaround is to delete from the database and reload. JSST - When printing a chart, cropping occurs if the width is more than around pixels.

Workaround - resize chart and re-print. JSST - Distict is not suported in mongodb bindata to guid enviornments and therefore the distinct call in the Schema Viewer will not mongodb bindata to guid on sharded environments. The plan is to re-implement it using aggregation. Workaround - use the Analytics Builder to build an aggregation pipeline perhaps parameterized by the field name.

JSST - When a new font size is loaded for a saved graph the browser refresh button still needs to be pessed for the font size to change. In fact, the browser mongodb bindata to guid button always needs mongodb bindata to guid be pressed for font size in a graph to change. Build a Report in 5 Minutes. Enter search terms or a module, class or function name. Feb 17, Remove count call when limit 3. Feb 3, Support for MongoDB 3. Graph in gateway bug fix.

Nov 17, Selection of text from gateway form popup mongodb bindata to guid possible in Windows as well - change browser alert to internal dialog. Selection of datasource puts name of the data source in form so that a change in it will be simple to do. Fix delete database on gateway. Nov 3, Gateway calls are now synchronized on session to avoid multiple call collisions.

Note that reports still should be managed since they have two steps. Bug fix for BinData 2. Oct 20, Studio is now multi-databases - all databases in instance for which user has access to can now be used under a single login. Add support for cross-database subqueries in Studio. Support for bind variables in projection steps of Aggregation. Indicator in aggregation builder when a stage is being edited mongodb bindata to guid the results may be stale.

Visualization convenience allowing multiple series to be dropped on x-axis coordinate and groups to mongodb bindata to guid created using string concatenation - ONLY added for bar charts, column charts, pie charts and donut charts. Dropping multiple items on X-axis text field in the Bar chart family will append and concatenate. Sept 2, Small bug fixes and cosmetics New recommendation engine tutorial Added bind variable support to custom aggregation stages Added db.

Windows 7 and up; 64 bit. Internet Explorer 9 and up FireFox 3. This is a preference value you can set in the Finder. The limitation involved subqeuries which use the result of one query as the input of a second query. If you have a single layer of subqueries they perform correctly but double conversion will not function correctly. In such a case double conversion occurs and the result is incorrect. Port used to service the shutdown command is not being used by any other process.

For example, on Ubuntu: JSST - Finder facets and searches does not handle timestamp data types correctly. An example of such a string is:

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While double checking some new features we have been working on we had to track some documents and make sure they update correctly when we send and receive messages. If you just quickly want to convert that to a.

Thank you Damiro for cleaning up my lazy script: Robin also has some scripts , check them out. Turns out that you need to enable the conversion in both MongoVue and RoboMongo- otherwise you will be presented with inaccurate data in RoboMongo something that looks like.

Net Guids but are not, and in MongoVue just the bindata value. This tells us the subtype, and 3 stands for UUID old. The subtypes are explained in the bson specification. Why do we need to know that?

Of course, unless you are good at converting in your head hah! If you use RoboMongo I showed you above how to show the Guid correctly,- and if you use MongoVue then this setting might be of interest for you. There is a JavaScript function , and a few steps, that you can use to convert, as described in StackOverflow question and answer. In short you need this JS helper. The byte order of subtype 4 is consistently implemented across all MongoDB drivers.

You can do this by updating the configuration of your C driver GuidRepresentation. You can configure this at the server, database and collection level. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Net Guids but are not, and in MongoVue just the bindata value If we take a look at the document again: From the BSON specififcation. September 25, at 2: Please leave these two fields as-is: To be able to proceed, you need to solve the following simple math so we know that you are a human: Not so Stupid Question