Inter-AS Option AB (a.k.a Option D)

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US USB2 en Hierarchal label distribution and route installation in a loop-free routing topology using routing arcs at multiple hierarchal levels for ring topologies. EP EPA1 fr CN CNA zh US USA1 en Bicasting using non-congruent paths in a loop-free routing mpls inter as option binaire having routing arcs.

Scalable BGP protection from edge node failure using dynamically assigned labels in data packets. Class-aware load balancing using data-plane protocol in a loop-free multiple edge network topology. Dynamic backup routing of network tunnel paths for local restoration in a packet network.

Method and system for preventing transmission loops in a label mpls inter as option binaire domain. Avoiding overlapping segments in transparent lan services on ring-based networks. Scalable protection mechanism for hierarchical multicast service in ring based networks. Directed acyclic graph computation by orienting shortest path links and alternate mpls inter as option binaire links obtained from shortest path computation.

Ad hoc network formation and management based on aggregation of ad hoc nodes according to an aggregation hierarchy. Forwarding packets to a directed acyclic graph destination using link selection based on received link metrics. Retrieved from the Internet: Loop-Free Alternates ", [online], Sep.

Network Working Group, Request for Comments: Network Working Group, Internet-Draft. A fault-tolerant and deadlock-free routing protocol in 2D meshes based on odd-even turn model. Van Leeuwen et al. Fast connection protection in a virtual local area network based stack environment.

Method and apparatus for discovering edge-disjoint shortest path pairs during shortest path tree computation. Method and apparatus for constructing a backup route in a data communications network. Method and apparatus for computing metric information for abstracted network links. Method and apparatus for achieving transparent redundancy at a hierarchical boundary.

Method and apparatus for generating routing information in a data communication network. Method and apparatus for generating routing information in a data communications network. A protocol for deadlock-free dynamic reconfiguration in high-speed local area networks.

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In contrast, I am focused on writing and how algorithms participate in staged writing processes. Although I find the idea of having algorithms direct, design, and execute performances intriguing, it is in writing processes that the collaborative work with them really becomes exciting for me. Thus, for me, the question of embodiment is foremost a question of embodying translation.