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Yep, that is right. LRS money can be used only for investing. There was also a raid held recently by EOW. What I am getting at is those broker in the USA legally allow me offshore stock trading brokers india open a margin account as well, but obviously, they are not responsible if I break the law. Here I am wiring the money to my trading account which is legal, and from there my broker takes care of margin transactions with that cash.

I understand I am trying to mould the interpretation to my liking, but I hope this is possible. The foreign broker has business to gain and is not under the purview of Indian laws, so yeah he will offshore stock trading brokers india whatever to attract business.

I have spent extensive time trying to figure integration within Zerodha for offering international trading. So I can tell you with whatever little time spent on this, it is absolutely not allowed by law here.

But yeah, there are always loop holes and an option to change the regulatory interpretations to your convenience. I think the only thing you need to be concerned about is that regulators in different countries are working on exchanging data of people participating in the markets.

All my hopes are shattered then. But at least I am not going to jail now Thanks! Is it legal under lrs to subscribe for ipo listing on foreign exchange and how taxation is done on overseas stock investment? Is it as same as done on indian stocks like capital gains on holding for more than one year or different module for that?

A simple way could be: I think one will have to start off with a big capital with that route. I read somewhere that to start an investment company in Dubai, one offshore stock trading brokers india a minimum share capital of 25 Million AED. Do you know someone who has done it with a low initial investment? There r no capital requirement for Free zone companies sharjah,RAK.

Only licence offshore stock trading brokers india which is like 2L -3L p. FZC inestors also eligible for visa n work desk. Will definitely look into it. Already sent them an email for more information on this topic.

They have no problem in opening an individual account from any country. Will have to check about companies though.

They have no problem in opening a legal margin account for you offshore stock trading brokers india you submit a few documents. But I was hoping it was legal. Not going to try any loop holes! FZC inestors also eligible for trading account and profit and loss account difference n work desk https: Do share details if this method works.

If you are ready to go through all that trouble.

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