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Want to learn everything I know about being an Amazon Affiliate in ? Ok, seeing my income is great and all but how does it help you? I initially published my findings in two blog posts early last year when I first launched this blog and even today they are still among the most popular posts here and here. Roughly half of my Amazon income comes from basic text links posted inside the content body area of a blog post or page. Check out this cool helicopter. Simple text links in the content of an article are the most effective way to get web visitors to click.

I alluded to this in the previous few tips but I want to make sure you understand that each link inside one of your articles is another opportunity for a visitor to click through and make their way onto Amazon.

Doing a quality product review for a product directly related to your niche is a very easy way to garner higher click thru rates and increased sales, but only if your review is higher quality. Sign up here ;D. For my newsletter provider I use Aweber and highly recommend them.

Overall I could attribute at least five to ten percent of my total income due to my email lists because I like to focus on promoting products heavily to my lists during the holidays which leads into my next tip. I target every holiday because Amazon creates an actual dedicated sales page every time one of these holidays come around. The deals shared on these pages are generally really good too. Some of that traffic pop is also attributed to the day I mail out to my email lists though.

The result was EasyAzon. The plugin allows you to insert information and affiliate links to Amazon in a much faster way than creating the links yourself by hand from Amazon. Basically what the plugin does is allow you to quickly insert a text based affiliate link, the image of the product as an affiliate link, a product information grid, convert US Amazon links to UK, GR etc.

Creating a product comparison grid for all of the products within your niche and allowing people to sort by various features is a great way to get some additional sales. Amazon has a bestseller page found simply at Amazon.

Generally speaking the cream rises to the top so if you write an article talking about the bestselling products those are likely to be the best products your visitors are looking to buy anyway.

Just go to Amazon. I shoot for top 5 or top 10 products. When I used them they converted about 3 times better than static style Amazon banner ads. I suggest using Native Shopping Ads instead which is essentially a replacement to the carousel style ads but allows for greater flexibility.

You can display products by recommendation from the content, by search or with other options. When you send someone to Amazon. Amazon spends millions of dollars on improving the way they get people to convert.

The fact that they provide a custom user experience for every person that goes to Amazon. Some of the best closing advice I can give is to simply find ways to get your visitors onto the Amazon.

Get 2 extra tips and learn everything I know about being an Amazon Affiliate in Check this out: Please let me know what you think of my tips by posting in the comments below. As always, because I love my readers I respond to each and every question that comes in so get to it! Impressive numbers for amazon. I have a product I Sell on Amazon. Typically you just need to get your product to the top of various keyword searches.

Affiliates will promote the top products naturally. It is too much useful for a affiliate earners. I have learnt lots tactics from here to implement on my affiliate site. We are waiting for your next awesome article about affiliate. The classic plan with no cap is no longer available to us.

The Azon theme is pretty amazing for Amazon niche sites. If you want, check out the site listed with this post to see how I utilized the Azon theme.

Still, I have a little bit of wrap up work. Great post, once again. Interestingly most of the tips you offer here could be used on just about any blog. As an example, I could mention a business book in the context of a business post, and link to it using an Amazon affiliate link. I completely agree with you. Sometimes I get caught up talking about Amazon when a lot of this stuff could apply to other affiliate programs or just other methods of website monetization as well. Are you workIng on another niche authority site now?

Hey Chris, great article. I was wondering if you have noticed anything different with your Amazon niche sites since the Google algo change? Have you lost traffic or do you build the sites up so much that they have good content.

This is a link to the article I posted earlier: How may niche sites do you have vs. What would you estimate is your earings for each catagory on average. I would ecpect that the revenue does varry quite a bit through out the year. Just trying to establish a benchmark to measure against. I have about 4 authority style sites and the rest are all mini ones. This gives me an idea when I work on my next niche site. But it brings really good results. Does this mean if we promote Amazon. Sorry i am a bit confused.

That being said, all this info is inside the Amazon. That seems like a big lack of content…. Hi All The cap on amazon. I only found out about this last month and wrote an article about this on my blog — at http: I have shown a comparision between the. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. I never got too much into Amazon cause the money was not so great in my niche. Then I started making some cash with them, but was not sure how to make more. I just could not find the right info that will talk me through it.

Well, I just did find it. This is exactly what I needed. Loved this post was sent here by Pat Flynns twitter. I was definitely use some of your tips in my own niche site business. At the very least you should be split testing it so that you can see which one will make you the most money.

Amazon and affiliate marketing in general is a decent way of making side income, but nothing really compares to making your own product or service that others will pay for, especially something that ppl will pay for month after month.

Problem is — I prefer the more relaxed lifestyle at least for now. After finding your blog, a couple weeks ago, I finally setup a carousel on one of my blogs. After reading your blog, I had a bunch of different ideas on how to use my Amazon affiliate account across a handful of my blogs but as of April 15th, Amazon is closing the affiliate program for all Illinois residents.

Hey Doug, yah I heard about the nexus tax they were starting up in Illinois… very bad moves for affiliates in all industries. You can always move or open a business in another state though right? Thanks for sharing these tips! Excellent written article, I only recently started delving into Amazon affiliate sales and have been following what you recommend with links in posts and reviews converting better.

I am curious to know what of sales are from products not directly listed, but just taking advantage of the Amazon cookie and getting percentage of those sales.

Also, with Illinois putting in a new Tax law and Amazon. Thanks for this really clear and complete tips about what is work and what is not for Amazon. Now, It is confirm that my Amazon Store will be replace by the text link style. Do you have any recommendations for how to find a good niche to build an Amazon affiliate site around? Thanks for your response! Looking at the bestseller list is a good idea, at least to get some initial ideas. Well, this is the internet.

Someone else has had an idea for a website before you. Does one do something better than the other or do they do the same thing?

I am looking into starting to make money with Amazon and I think you have given me a guge helping hand here. Not only have you showed how much you made but you have actually shown us how in quite some depth. Thank you for sharing these great tips. I have made money from Amazon from revenue share sites like Hubpages. I am not looking to branch out and start to build my own sites to really increase my earning potential.

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Ok now for a little rant. I have recently become genuinely annoyed with the state of the blogosphere. This is self defeating. Me and my SEO illiterate, keyword abhorring friends will leave your site never to return ever again.

The important bit here is other people. If you write content that entertains yourself, congratulations! You no longer need a television. The important thing is does, it entertain others. Is it useful to other human beings. SEO writing is the practice of dumping in a ton of keywords then trying to hang some content on to them after.

Real SEO writing that drives conversion is a by-product of good focused content. You need to write your post then go back with your SEO glasses and give it polish.

Fitting the word artichoke into a sentence because it Google friendly is just dumb, artichoke. When writing a post do your homework, find a topic people have an interest in, answer questions people are asking pimp your post.

When my words have made irrelevant the differences in culture religion and beliefs and my ideas are laid bare. Keyword abuse in SEO writing strategies tend to strip away the value in all internet writing. I refuse to spin any yarns for your pleasure. Impressing bots is a tough job. The problem is, there is a point where traditional SEO writing just becomes comical. These articles gain authority.

These articles are passed around, bookmarked and linked to. Ultimately great keyword use will only get you so far. If you want traffic build a rapport with your readers not a paint by numbers SEO writing strategy. Write to be understood by people. You may find less traffic but higher quality of traffic. Most every type of monetization works better when you have authority.

When the reader is invested in your site and in awe of your knowledge they are more inclined to trust any offers you have on your site. Traditional SEO writing is a reality of the modern internet however with the advent of web 2. As a result I suggest spending time building your networks and writing content that is useful to people.

I kinda feel sorry for them sometimes. Engage , Google , strategy , self , human , traffic , reaction , reader , Bots , text , relevance , rapport , Write , knowledge , Content , Read , language , strategies , readers , articles , blog , keyword , keywords.

This entry was posted on August 10, at 3: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Keep up the good articles, readers will come. Been saying this for a while. Your blog, article, website is all about your readers. You have to strike up a conversation, a relationship. Too often SEO specialists worry too much about the Search engines and not about the readers. Thanks for leaving your mark. Google has made SEO and keyword placement a necessity but it has to, to my mind, complement good writing, not replace it.

SEO professionals seem to be setting up sites with a turnstile at the front door leading straight out the back door of a lot of sites i visit. Great content will give great conversion rates. Thanks for taking the time to visit my little corner of the web and for the words of encouragement. You know, I have come to believe that the sure fire way to get the attention of the SEs is not through anything technical like SEO or keywords or anything.

It is to make your blog ans the two reasons why people go online: So if your blog is not ans any of these, then forget the SEs. For the most part, if you are actually writing ABOUT a topic, the appropriate keywords will already be there. That said, a basic understanding of how to get the searchers to find you is paramount. The Guide for the Wannabe Blogger. December 12th, at 2: So true, the key for me in SEO like all things is sincerity.

Good observations here and I agree. Promote Your Blog With a Podcast. December 22nd, at 4: We have some more freedom as we no longer have to pander to the bots. Excuse the dead picture links, I had a huge problem a week back and had to switch hosting providers and have been trying to put my site back together again from and incomplete back up. Michael, no worries about the images. I have a very vivid imagination. Fun Twitter Promotions for Your Blog.

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