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It was introduced in Februarybut has recently become quite popular; thanks to the impressive photo projectpublished by the St. Petersburg photographer Egor Tsvetkov. The Kaspersky Daily editorial team decided to check out the service to see how it works and what types of portraits it recognizes and what it does not. How bigdata turned you and me into a commodity. Try not to feel dirty https: The conclusions are alarming: During the research we also made several interesting discoveries; for example, one of our colleagues suddenly found out that his digital identity was stolen.

FindFace is a service that can search for VK. The service has mobile apps for iOS and Androidcomplimented by a website version. Applications come with limited functionality and several flaws in options tips and tricks for subway surfers, but they have one valuable advantage: The app shows options tips and tricks for subway surfers photos of the potential matches.

If you take photos of strangers on the streets or in the subway sneakily, accuracy decreases two or even three times. And if you upload images taken from a long distance, the service often becomes unable to find a human in the photo. Still, if you zoom or crop the image, FindFace will work again. How easy is it for hackers to steal your face? The service searches photos uploaded to your VK. This includes your current profile picture and all the previous ones. The only thing you can do is to delete old profile images: Store only the latest picture in this album to save yourself from face recognition tyranny.

Making funny faces is also an option, with some exceptions. Eyeglasses with solid rings work just perfect, unless you have a photo with the same eyeglasses in your options tips and tricks for subway surfers or with the same funny face. Many volunteers, who took part in the experiment, did not know that they had so many public photos. Then move photos from public albums to private if required. FindFace works absolutely legally: When we removed all photos from VK.

Options tips and tricks for subway surfers up your https: FindFace describes itself as a dating service. In fact, this service can let you make a lot of more useful — and strange — things. Just remember a story recently revealed by ABC news: One could use the service to find the culprits.

On the other hand, many people in social media use fake names for privacy concerns, but publish real photos. They think that Internet is too huge and nobody will find them by a photo. Well, they sure will do if they want to. For example, one of our employees operates in this manner. Yet, FindFace found him. Are your Social photos all public? You may options tips and tricks for subway surfers to reconsider. A Tale of stolen identity. It was not a sweet discovery at all. If they post your portrait or even a group photo with you — nobody can predict the future of this image.

Reversing your PIN can call the police in an emergency. Reflecting on the tech predictions in Back to the Future II. Vladislav Biryukov 25 posts. News Privacy Technology Tips. What happens when criminals hack a radio How trolls use Findface against porn Don't show me this message again. Products to Protect You Our innovative products help to give you the Power to Protect what matters most to you. Discover more about our award-winning security. In just a few clicks, you can get a FREE trial of one of our products — so you can put our technologies through their paces.

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Unlike before, it was producing non-existent words (with missing or unnecessary umlauts, for example) and severely truncating longer passages. As my colleague Pilvari Pirtola (who writes code as a part of his artistic practice) commented, the impression was that the system simply hadnt yet learned enough (if it indeed had been switched to a neural one). Some weeks later, I was having Google translate another playscript of mine from German to English, and there I had the opposite impression.

In that case, Google seemed to have gotten significantly better (or worse, for that matter), judging from the relatively low number of unquestionably noisy translations it produced when translating a scene of approximately 1000 words.