Don't ever commit binary files to Git! Or what to do if you do.

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Git is a great distributed version control system. It easily lets you see textual changes. But this function is useless for binary data. Data re overwrite binary files changes in binary files just makes the commits impossible to read. There is another very good reason for keeping binary files out of your repository: They are usually much bigger.

Images, videos and compiled binaries are all much bigger than text files. If you commit them to your repository, the size of your re overwrite binary files will become much larger. It matter because the point of using a distributed VCS is that it makes it cheap and easy to clone and navigate. You want to be able to spin up a new machine and copy the repository as re overwrite binary files as possible.

You want to be able to switch branches as quickly as possible. If you commit any significant number of binary files you will see all of these tasks slow down considerably. You can totally remove large files from the repository only by rewriting history. This is extremely dangerous because it will overwrite all commits since files were added, producing a completely different version of the revision history.

If you have shared your repository with anyone, or stored it anywhere else like Github you re overwrite binary files make sure that all versions of these repositories get updated to your new version before anyone tries re overwrite binary files add any new work on top. This can be a huge ball-ache. It first uses git filter-branch to remove the files from the commits, and then deletes the relevant caches of the files. Then do the following:. Now make absolutely sure this version of the repository replaces all copies of your repository immediately.

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