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During this schematic processing, instead of recording every detail of a new event, our mind compares it with existing schemes, categorizing their specific aspects based on the matches found.

The process rencontres anglais traduction automatic, most of the time leaving us unaware of this method of rencontres anglais traduction memories. The survival of the stereotypes so created is facilitated by their self-fulfilling effect, insofar as we adjust our behaviour to the expectations of the scheme thus ingrained.

The propaganda mechanisms of the ruling power and the media are capable of manipulating masses by building rencontres anglais traduction these very stereotypes, and in most cases the greed of enforcing short-term interests eclipses any social responsibility the manipulators might feel. Constructed of motifs exposed to distortions and unusual associations, to monotonous and compulsive movements, the series of objects might as well be put on show outside the exhibition space in a political amusement park.

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