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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Typi non habent claritatem insitam; est usus legentis in. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis. Professor and author of papers and articles in magazines and books on labor relations and social sciences.

It has extensive experience in the scientific field, with several articles and research representacao comercial ingles at national and international level. Desde marzo de hasta la fecha de su nombramiento, el Sr. De ael Sr. He then worked representacao comercial ingles the field for seven years in the world of NGOs for various rural development projects in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Costa Rica.

He joined LuxDev as a consultant 20 years ago, in He has representacao comercial ingles followed the agenda for aid effectiveness, participating in the forums in Rome, Accra and Busan. He is an experienced DAC peer review team member, having participated in the following peer reviews: AustriaDenmarkFrance and Portugal Foi eleito em para comandar a entidade, tendo sido reeleito em para mais um mandato de quatro anos.

Her current work is focusing on structural transformation, technological change and innovations, and implications for jobs, skills, and productivity. She manages research projects, undertakes technical work and provides policy advice to ILO constituents.

In previous capacities in the ILO she was responsible for research, policy advice and technical cooperation in the representacao comercial ingles of skills development, apprenticeship systems, social dialogue on training, financing of training as well as industrial and productive development policies. Before joining the ILO, she held a position as Professor of Economics at the Free University of Berlin for 13 years, teaching development economics, international trade and institutional economics.

She has published widely in the areas of economic policy, globalization, technology, education, training, informal economy and human development. Previously, he held the position of Manager for Strategic Planning at SENAI representacao comercial ingles served as a consultant in strategy and regional development for various public and private organizations in Brazil. Orientadora em empreendedorismo inovador do programa Bota pra Fazer da Endeavor. Atualmente possui uma coluna sobre carreira e comportamento.

Since Representacao comercial ingles has been working on the development of the education system in cooperation with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Open Government and others.

In Pavel co-organised one of the largest projects in the world aimed at teaching to think about the future — Foresight Fleet. Since Pavel Luksha has managed foresight education project including foresight of higher education and the global report on the future of education report has been published in Since Pavel has managed technological skill foresight project. Since within the framework of cooperation between Russia and International Labour Organisation Pavel has managed the development of an international method of the technological skills foresight for its implementation in developing countries pilot projects are carried out in Armenia and Vietnam.

Besides, Pavel is a co-author of Rapid Foresight methodology successfully implemented in the national expert evaluation strategies as well as in dozens of projects elaborating road maps for the development of business, territories, industries and sectors of economy. Prior Pavel worked in both strategic management and integrated representacao comercial ingles management.

Pavel conducts research projects in both strategic management and organizational development within the Representacao comercial ingles Group of organizational evolution at the University of Hertfordshire. Jorge Francisco Gallardo Flores jorge. Seeing SD in a broad sense related to education and employment, he combines the technical skills on TVET, with the appropriate aid modality.

He has a law degree. He has extensive experience in vocational teacher training at different levels national, regional and school levelsand knowledge about institutional building in the domain of quality of TVET delivery, in particular in quality apprenticeship design.

Michael has a proven record of working to design, develop and implement vocational education systems that are based on sound labour market data, meet national priorities and are sustainable representacao comercial ingles employment-driven and manageable with national resources. Michael has published on labour market analysis, setting up employment-driven apprenticeship programs based on demand and needs assessment, and he has been involved in TVET curriculum development, teacher training, programme and project identification.

Furthermore, he has managed international projects and has worked in more than 30 countries. Link para o Curriculum Lattes: She leads and coordinates work in the field of skills needs anticipation and matching in the Skills and Employability Branch of the Employment Policy Department, including the inter-agency collaboration on the tools for anticipating and matching skills and jobs.

She supervises the programme Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification implemented in a dozen of countries worldwide.

She has supervised the ILO work on the labour market impact of skills recognition in collaboration with the Labour Migration Branch. David Ron Sasson Israel is an educational consultant and trainer in Cognitive Education with representacao comercial ingles international reputation. A close collaborator of Prof. Reuven Feuerstein for more than two decades and former director of the annual representacao comercial ingles workshops of the International Centre for the Enhancement of Learning Potential, The Feuerstein Institute, in Jerusalem, he currently lectures representacao comercial ingles trains in the fields of Cognitive Intervention, Dynamic Assessment and Mediated Learning in many countries around the world, comunicating in six different languages.

In recent years David Ron Sasson has devoted his work to the construction of contents and the development of practical tools for a Mediating Management and Leadership style with the purpose of raising educational institutions and industrial organisations management standards and effectiveness.

Participou em conjunto com o Prof. Which trends will skills development follow? How are countries overcoming obstacles, considering different realities? These questions refer to the way societies and dynamic economies deal with cultural questions and skills development challenges. Such challenges involve many cross-factors, including anticipate skills needs, institutional and teaching-learning process management, professional guidance, training of trainers, curricular structure, assessment representacao comercial ingles and very close links between education and the job-market.

Considering these issues and prospects related to vocational training, The Skills Development International Conference is going to propitiate learning opportunities and experiences exchange between various institutions that work at the following themes: Modernization of professional training institutions to adapt to these vertiginous demands requires great support in the competencies of directors, managers, teachers and technical team.

It comprises one part with macro and general subjects Professional Education and Skills Development Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities and another part focused on technical contents International School for Professional Education. Technical Information - Download here.

The scenario of Skills Development has changed a lot in the recent years representacao comercial ingles its influence and relationship with the new environment of economic and social development is increasingly being recognized.

Representacao comercial ingles panel will be composed of experts, researchers and representatives of renowned institutions of Professional Education that will promote a dialogue about: This panel will be composed for experts from companies and representatives of institutions that have a prominent role in issues related to career prospects for the future that will talk on topics such as: Professions for the century XXI: This panel will feature representatives from renowned national and international cooperation agencies with expertise in Professional Education area which will dialogue mainly on: Cooperation Projects — Opportunities and Challenges.

We already know that the quality and importance of education are related to the quantity and quality of the trainers. Given the new trends concerning learning, environmental changes and new materials, institutions need devices and programs that allow them to keep a qualified group of trainers.

It includes three practices of management, recruitment and career development; their role as representacao comercial ingles motivators for skills development and motivation for managing knowledge and learning methods. After representacao comercial ingles decades of representacao comercial ingles coordination, professional education institutions are facing challenges to keep an strategic perspective in accordance with a future scenario composed of quick changes and operational management that can allow them to react with agility and efficiency.

This panel is composed of representatives and experts of education institutions with innovative experiences in the strategic and operational management. The dialogue will allow participants to acquire knowledges about: Along with demand changes, the educational representacao comercial ingles concerning education representacao comercial ingles must gradually adapt to the new requirements, innovating as needs are identified, as well as bring innovations about how answers are structured, implemented and evaluated.

In this panel, several directors and representacao comercial ingles from national and international institutions will present a dialogue representacao comercial ingles includes guidance and experiences on subjects that cover: The daily lectures are going to be on a central topic related to the program objectives.

They will last 90 minutes and focus on relevant and comprehensive topic aiming to provide a homogeneous level of expertise and comprehension among all participants. The participants are going to choose among qualification short courses themes, which will approach distinct topics about Professional Education.

Interactive and dynamic methodologies are going to be used, including among them group work representacao comercial ingles individual activities. Guide to Register and Content. These sessions will be directed to presenting and disseminating inspiring and innovative practices for skill development by the Conference attendees.

All participants are invited to share innovative experiences, practices or solutions relevant in the Professional Education context. Other participating institutions are invited to share representacao comercial ingles experiences, practices or solutions relevant in the Professional Education context. The investment required for participation is divided into two options: This fee includes the participation in the 1st and 2nd part, besides accommodation representacao comercial ingles August 3rd to August 13thfood and daily displacement costs from the representacao comercial ingles except on Saturday and on Sundaytraining costs and basic health insurance.

This fee includes the participation in the 1st part, besides accommodation expenses from August 3rd to August 6thfood and daily displacement costs except on Representacao comercial ingles and on Sundaydialogues costs and basic health insurance. May 13th - Inscriptions Closed Registration Confirmation registration fee payment until: The costs of the tourism and leisure activities offered on August 6th and August 7th weekend are not included and must be paid directly by participants to the appointed tourism agency.

To register, submit the application form below: Representacao comercial ingles to get there. Or send us an e-mail: Senai was founded on January 22nd,by the decree-law 4. The National Service for Industrial Training was established to cover an urgent need: It was already clear that without professional education there would be no industrial development in the country. Senai is a legal entity established under Brazilian law and is organized by the industrial business community through CNI — National Industry Confederation and through the industries federations of the Brazilian states.

Senai has contributed for the representacao comercial ingles and for community development since its foundation. Education is one of the pillars that offer professional initiation courses, industrial training, skill development and professional education, technical courses and technologic undergraduate studies and graduate studies. Senai also offer on-line and in company courses, answering to the industry and students specific needs. Senai offer technical and technological solutions and provide advisory services, industry laboratory tests and technological support.

The institution has the biggest private laboratories integrated network in the country and representacao comercial ingles support to innovation development in cooperation with industry. On August 6th and August 7th weekend it will be possible to participate in leisure and tourism activities. A tourism operator will provide leisure and tourism options to several places and touristic attractions. Interested participants should directly contact the tour operator to check activities options, schedules and payment methods.

Skills Development, Competitiveness and Innovation The scenario of Skills Development has changed a lot in the recent years and its influence and relationship with the new environment of economic and representacao comercial ingles development is increasingly being recognized.

Jobs for the XXI Century: Challenges and Opportunities This panel will be composed for experts from companies and representatives of institutions that have a prominent role in issues related to career prospects for the future that will talk on topics such as:

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