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I am an electronic robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes from the Polytech Clermont school I work on data integration from wireless sensor networks in information systems and information management in agriculture.

I am a member of different review comities for conferences and revues on wireless sensor networks and information systems for agriculture and environment. Journal Articles 30 J. Hou Intelligent flood adaptive context-aware system: How wireless sensors adapt their configuration based on environmental phenomenon events Sensors and Transducers 11abs web bib Henceforth, new generations of Wireless Sensor Networks WSN have to be able to adapt their behavior to collect, from the study phenomenon, robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes data for long periods of time.

We robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes thus proposed a new formalization for the design and the implementation of context-aware systems relying on a WSN for the data collection. Robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes illustrate this proposal, we also present an environmental use case: In this paper, we detail the simulation tool that we have developed in order to implement our model.

We simulate several scenarios of context-aware systems to monitor a watershed. The data used for the simulation are the observation data of the French Orgeval watershed. In this context, as an important role of IoT, Wireless Sensor Networks WSNs can utilize RPL to design efficient routing protocols for a specific application to increase the ubiquity of networks with resource-constrained WSN nodes that are low-cost and easy to deploy.

In this article, our work starts with the description of Agricultural Low-power and Lossy Networks A-LLNs complying with the LLN framework, and to clarify the requirements of this application-oriented routing solution. After a brief review of existing optimization techniques for RPL, our contribution is dedicated to a Scalable Context-Aware Objective Function SCAOF that can adapt RPL to the environmental monitoring of A-LLNs, through combining energy-aware, reliability-aware, robustness-aware and resource-aware contexts according to the composite routing metrics approach.

The obtained experimental results confirm that SCAOF can deliver the desired advantages on network lifetime extension, and high reliability and efficiency in different simulation scenarios and hardware testbeds. Didelot Stakeholders involvement on establishing public-private partnerships through innovation in agricultural mechanization: At the same time, using sustainable ways to produce this huge amount of food and resources is becoming increasingly critical.

As this process remains very complex to manage, analysing it in real conditions seems crucial, especially to improve it. Then, in this paper, we will present and analyse an experimental Public-Private Partnerships Action launched at the European level.

This one-year action aimed to gather together all the players involved at the European level for crop protection and to boost concrete innovation in ICT Information and communication technology to reduce the use of pesticides, especially around three types of technologies using ICT and robotics. Indeed, in order to better assess the impacts of human activities on the environment, many spatio-temporal data should be collected in order to calculate indicators at different levels of aggregation.

Spatial OLAP tools are well adapted to analyze these indicators in a multi-dimensional way for identifying and implementing policies to improve practices in order to minimize impacts. In this study, we focus on farms energy consumption in order to identify the tasks and work environments that consume the most energy. We show how SOLAP tools can be used for the spatio-multidimensional analysis of these indicators, and the research issues related to agricultural data warehousing and analysis process.

Chanet Guaranteeing the quality of multidimensional analysis in data warehouses of simulation results: The need for theoretical and implementation frameworks for the acquisition, modeling and analysis of environmental data as well as tools to conceive and validate scenarios is becoming increasingly important.

For these reasons, different environmental simulation models have been developed. Researchers and stakeholders need efficient tools to store, display, compare and analyze data that are produced by simulation models. One common way to manage simulation results is to use text files; however, text files make it difficult to explore the data. These technologies allow model users to easily produce graphical reports and charts. In this paper, we address the analysis of pesticide transfer simulation results by warehousing and OLAPing data, for which the data results from the MACRO simulation robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes.

This model simulates hydrological transfers of pesticides at the plot scale. We demonstrate robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes the simulation results can be managed using DW robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes. We also demonstrate how the use of integrity constraints can improve OLAP analysis. These constraints are used to maintain the quality of the warehoused data as well as to maintain the aggregations and queries, which will lead to better analysis, conclusions and decisions.

Pinet Semi-automatic design of spatial data cubes from simulation model results International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining 9 1abs doi web bib In this paper we present a semi-automatic method for designing and generating spatial data cubes in order to visualize and analyze the results of simulation models. In our approach users choose their fact of analysis, then the system derives automatically a set of possible measures, dimensions of analysis, and generates the corresponding spatial data cubes.

The analysis and visualization of the spatial data cubes are carried out using appropriate SOLAP tools. De Sousa, Chanet J. Lanteri The Water Framework Directive requires new tools for a better water quality monitoring E-WAterabs web bib Our goal is to demonstrate the need to design a new type of environmentally friendly intrumentation to face the challenges of the Water Framework Directive.

Rivers are spatially and timely structured ecological systems exhibiting hot spots and hot moments that contribute to their overall health status. However, current programs for monitoring water quality grab samples and laboratory analysis are based on sampling strategy that do not take into account the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of a water body.

To reflect their actual dynamics, a paradigm shift is essential. This requires the development of new monitoring strategies and therefore new instrumentation. This new instrumentation must be able to measure at time scales appropriate to phenomena monitored and at a cost low enough to allow a sufficiently dense deployment in water bodies.

We propose to enhance developing wireless networks of autonomous micro-sensors associated with mathematical processing of the collected data. The distinctive feature of this kind of smart sensor comes from the complete monitoring network expected, associating surface- and ground- waters chemistry, electronics and energy harvesting with smart data processing aiming to represent dynamic of basic ecological functions.

This type of agriculture is said to be sustainable. It has a systemic logic and therefore requires a strong knowledge base.

In the first part of our article, we discuss the potential actors of the system and their possible robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes.

The second part deals with the knowledge selection and formalization. The third part describes the main computing features of the knowledge server we propose. Ce type d'agriculture, dite durable, requiert des nouveaux savoirs et savoir-faire. First, the present paper overviews these recent OO techniques. They aim to describe the facts and the different analysis dimensions of the data. Second, we will propose a tutorial of the Object Constraint Language OCL and we will show how this language can be used to specify constraints in OO-based models of data warehouse.

Up to now, OCL has been only applied to describe constraints in software applications and transactional databases. So, we demonstrate in this paper how to use OCL to represent the different types of data warehouse constraints.

Our paper is addressed to researchers working in the fields of business intelligence and decision support systems, who wish to learn about the major possibilities that OCL offer in the context of data warehouse, and to find citations that will allow them to learn about this formalism in greater detail.

We also provide general information about the possible types of implementation of multi-dimensional models and their constraints. In this paper, we present different types of ontologies used in agriculture domain. We also explain how ontologies are used to solve interoperability issues in information system.

Integration of several heterogeneous spatial data warehouses is very useful for decision-makers since they can navigate into multiple data sources. In this paper, exploiting the continuous dimension of spatial data, we propose a new operator to merge spatial data warehouses without conformed spatial dimensions.

This operator is based on the spatial analysis transformation called Overlay. Pinet A multidimensional model for data warehouses of simulation results International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems IJAEIS 1 2abs doi web bib This paper deals with the multidimensional modeling of a data warehouse for simulation results. It aims at answering new robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes for data management which appear when exploring complex simulation models.

Indeed, testing different parameter values and different versions of such models produces a huge volume of data, especially when simulations cover long time periods. These data must often be studied extensively at different levels of aggregation. We propose a generic multidimensional schema to analyze the results of a simulation model. This schema can guide modelers in designing specific data warehouses.

We also propose an adaptation of an OLAP client tool in order to provide an adequate visualization of data. As an example, we implement a data warehouse for the analysis of results produced from a savanna simulation model, using a Relational OLAP architecture. Chanet Adaptive system for wireless sensor networks Applications Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology 39abs web bib Wireless sensor networks WSN open new perspectives in various application topics.

Resources in WSN remain limited but have increased enough to consider the development of an adaptive system dedicated to data collection. CIVIC is a context aware routing protocol taking into account the location of each mobile node, road traffic, geographic environment robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes map etc.

LIMOS versatile embedded wireless sensor node Journal of Harbin Institute of Technologyabs web bib Nowadays, many wireless sensor nodes having approximately the same features are implemented to support both research and industrial deployments.

However, all these wireless sensor nodes have limited capacity and are only adapted to implement simple wireless sensors: Thus to enlarge the application areas, we propose a versatile wireless sensor node named LiveNode, which enables to implement rapidly a prototype for different domains of applications such as telemedicine wireless cardiac arrhythmias detection sensorinter-vehicle communication, environmental data collection etc.

We describe the key features of LiveNode and its platform: We present an industrial project MobiPlus using LiveNode. Finally, the results of the application and the ongoing work will be presented.

Agricultural Engineering for a Better World [2]. Farms need to manage and exchange a large volume of information issued from several acquisition systems. Thus, as presented in this paper, it becomes essential to use the new information and communication technologies in order to facilitate the georeferenced data exchange in the concerned information systems, and to improve the formal specification of the computer-based applications to set up for this communication.

This requires the development of communicating information systems suitable to the specificities of the agricultural activity and the rural world. Thanks to their contributions to the sustainable management, these systems robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes the associated conceptual methods completely depend on the Environmental Technologies i.

Robot sur options binaires gratuit nombre limite de places restantes and more of information relating to the practices and the productions are necessary. The use of new communication and information technologies makes it possible to answer to these needs.

Thus, the management and the use of the data collected in space reference information systems can be set up gradually. After an history recalling the evolution of the embedded electronic on the agricultural equipments and the communication area network starting with ISO or ISOBus specifications, this paper accounts the CAN ISOBus implementation level on the agricultural equipments shown at SIMA Paris and the opportunities about a network realisation with the agricultural equipments.

Berducat Identification by fluorescent tracers of the specified risk materials in the meat and bone meal industry Tracer and tracing methods 15 19abs web bib For the by-products resulting from ruminant, the French regulation imposes the following constraints: I separation of specified risk materials from the materials which can be used for animals feed, in particular by separating their circuits of collection and processing; II denaturation of specified risk materials, then incineration after their transformation into Meat and Bone Meal.

The markers currently used to denature specified risk materials do not resist to the thermal treatment of the transformation process into Meat and Bone Meal intended to be incinerated. We have developed an identification and marking system of specified risk materials containing fluorescent tracers. This marking resists to the thermal treatment and allows a detection of the marked materials throughout process of transformation.

This method was developed in laboratory and was validated on an experimental device. Then a specific indirect immunofluorescent staining protocol is optimized in order to obtain specific and intensive signals able to be detected by electronic cameras deported microscopy. Despite the individual staining of ST and Lm is possible on pork skin and is specific and bright, the deported microscopy failed to detect these particles.

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