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Data Retrieval - these options space trader save option some actions that charts initiate when opening or active. If checked, the chart actively subscribes to the quotes for the chart's symbol in order to get them and plot them.

If not checked, the subscription is passive - that is, if some open portfolio contains the symbol and is being updated, the chart will update with new data, otherwise it won't. If checked, the last candle on historical charts will update as the Level I data for the current day for the symbol comes in. If not checked, the candle will not update space trader save option current data and will only show what the backfill brings in. If checked, as you open an intraday chart, it will initiate a backfill automatically.

If checked, as you space trader save option a historical chart, it will initiate a backfill automatically. Tracing - these options control the space trader save option on the charts. This is the default setting for the Always Show Trace setting in charts.

Changing it inside a chart will change it for that chart only. This is a default setting for the Default Trace setting in charts. Indicator Actions - these parameters determine how the chart allows you space trader save option click on indicators.

If checked, as you move your mouse over a particular indicator 's lines or shapes in the space trader save option, it will react to show that it can be selected. You can choose how to show over which indicator the mouse currently is: Here you can select how you can edit the indicator's parameters in the chart - by single - or double -clicking on it.

If you select Nonethen neither the single or space trader save option click will edit the indicator's parameters. Determines the maximum number of days that intraday charts can display. Even if MT has more data, the intraday chart will only that many days. If there is not enough data collected to show the maximum number, fewer days will be shown.

In order to save space and speed up processing, Medved Trader will compress the intraday data that is more than a certain number of days old into format that will preserve the candles but will lose the tick data. This option determines what that number of days is. As Medved Trader operates, its main quotes data file may get fragmented. This option will cause the data consolidation to run the next time you start the program, thus compacting and reducing the data file.

These two settings control how fast the charts big and inline update. The higher the value, the faster the charts will update, but fast updating takes up more processing power CPU and may, space trader save option some cases, slow down your computer.

If that happens, try lowering the Performance settings. In most cases, you won't really notice any difference in chart updating but the CPU use will go down. When you're adding indicators to the main chart, if this option is checked, the colors for the indicator are automatically assigned from the color set 's indicator colors.

If it is unchecked, and the indicator you're adding had a default setting savedthe colors will come from the default setting. If checked, when scrolling the chart using the scroller arrows or the and keyboard keys, the chart will scroll by exactly one bar or candle. If not checked, that scrolling increment will vary depending on the zoom level. If checked, any annotations drawn on a chart belong strictly to that chart and do not show up on any other charts for the same symbol.

If unchecked, the annotations drawn on a chart are shared between all similar-style charts for space trader save option same symbol.

See Sharing Annotations Between Charts. When loading a chart template into the chart, if this option is checked, the chart is resized to the saved template's size.

If this option is not checked, the chart will retain its size, although all other parameters will be reset as per the template. The crosshair's Y and X values will show on the axes. Will switch to the Snap space trader save option Candles mode if you hold down the key.

Will switch to the Freestyle mode if you hold down the key. Settings - Charts - General. If checked, the trace will always show on the chart as you move the cursor around, unless you hold down the key.

If unchecked, the trace will only show on the chart when you hold down the key. Freestyle - the crosshair will space trader save option the mouse and show the nearest candle's values in the Trace Panel. Snap to Candles - the crosshair will show at the candle nearest to the mouse, and will show the candle's values in the Trace Panel.

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How do I get quests? Sometimes on the System Information screen the first screen that is shown when docking at a new system in the lower right-hand corner there is a button marked "Special". Tap on this button to access special features, like quests.

Note that most quests have special requirements, and you only see the button if you meet these requirements. Notably, most quests are not given to criminals since they aren't trustworthy. On the other hand, since version 1. How do I do damage to the Scarab? This is explained in the game, but it seems some people miss this.

The Scarab can only be damaged by Pulse lasers. On Beginner, Easy and Normal level, this will solve your problem. On Hard and Impossible level you may find that Pulse lasers are a bit too weak to best the Scarab. However, the game offers you a solution for that which I will leave for the player to discover. How do I claim a moon? Usually when I get this question, the person who asks has not discovered the "Special" button. The moon is a quest. You get it just like the other quests.

The previous answer explains how. Incidentally, there are four systems in the galaxy that sell a moon. You need to be worth at least , credits to get the offer, though. The moon itself costs half-a-million credits. When you have bought a moon, you have to travel to the Utopia system to claim it, by tapping the Special button when docked there.

At which system can I buy a moon or sell tribbles? Sorry, I can't tell you. This is decided randomly at the start of the game. However, four systems sell a moon if your net worth is at least , credits and three systems buy tribbles if you have them on board. So if you just coast from system to system you are bound to encounter one of them eventually.

Also, since version 1. I can't find professor Berger. He should be on some Hi-Tech system, but it's determined randomly which system. If you can't find him, just surrender to the aliens, and they will take the artifact from you without harming you any further. I have checked whether there is an error in this quest, but until now I have always found Berger's hiding place. How do I get rid of those annoying tribbles? The tribbles are kind of a joke, added as a tribute to the original C64 version of Elite.

The best way to get rid of them, is to find a place to sell them. Three solar systems in the galaxy enable you to do that, and they can bring great profits. It's up to you to think of a way to reduce those costs considerably. You discover this automatically if it applies to you.

How do I buy weapons for my ship? How do I get to the bank? Like any other application, Space Trader has a menu which you can reach by tapping the Palm menu button. This menu allows access to all Space Trader functions, including buying and selling of equipment, the galactic chart and the bank.

I don't understand what the scoring percentage means! It's an indication of how well you played the game. Incidentally, the help text that explains the scoring mechanism contains some errors in version 1.

It is corrected for version 1. I have a huge debt but I don't pay interest! I am sorry to disappoint you, but you actually do pay interest. It's just that the interest is not, like in similar games, added to your debt, but automatically deducted from you cash balance as soon as you warp. Only if you don't have enough cash, your debt is increased. You can see this on the Target System screen, where you can get a specification of the warp costs.

I did this in order to not let players run around gathering debts and then finishing the game without ever paying them off again. This game is too hard!

That's why there is a difficulty level which you can set from the New Commander screen. This level is definitely playable: I for one have no problems playing this level to the end. You have to find the right tactics, though. I find it very challenging. I have had many reports of people winning this level, though. I can't seem to make any money! The best way to make money is to use the special events which sometimes occur in solar systems.

For instance, when there is a drought people pay a lot for water, when they lack workers they pay huge prices for machinery and robots, and when it's very cold, they crave furs. The documentation gives the specifics on all the trade goods in this respect. How do I get rid of that rating? Being a villain or psycho can be tough. The police will send strong ships after you. But you deserved it: And not just one, a whole lot of them.

Your police record will slowly revert back to clean over time. However, if you are a psycho this can take something like three game months and a lot longer on Hard or Impossible level.

So what can you do? Apart from stopping attacking police ships and traders every attack will hurt your record , your best bet is to go hunt pirates. Every pirate you kill will help your record. If you are lucky, you might encounter a hacker who is willing to reset your record to clean for a price. And if all else fails, surrender to the police and you will be punished, after which you can resume your life as an honest trader.

Psycho's don't have that last option, though. My, this game needs a lot of stylus interaction! Space Trader is a complex game, and consequently has many different screens, which leads to many screen changes and therefore a lot of interaction on the player's part. Since I felt this was probably the worst shortcoming of the game, I implemented several ways to reduce the number of interactions you have to execute. Please read the Tips page on those. Incidentally, later versions play a lot smoother than version 1.

I noticed a bug. Should I send you a snapshot? I am interested in hearing about any bugs. If they are serious, I will fix them fast. If they are minor, I might wait a bit, but I will fix them in time. Describe the bug to me. Maybe I already solved it. And I tend to delete attachments on the spot out of fear of virusses. You can, of course, make a snapshot as soon as you notice a bug in case I ask for it later. How do I take a snapshot and send it to you? Go to the Space Trader "Game" menu, and tap the choice "Snapshot".

The game will create a file "SpaceTraderSave" on your Palm. If there already was such a file, it gets overwritten. The file contains the state of your game at the moment you made the snapshot. The size of a snapshot is about 5K. PDB" to your Backup directory. This directory is usually something like " PDB" and it will come up. Send it to me as an email attachment.