The One about the Trader Stores in Akihabara

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The latest games, rare items only seen here are always here! So many trader 2 akihabara and used animations's DVD. So many new and u We sell many kinds of game soft wears, DVD, and books. You can get our special and original offer here!

We're really looking forward to seeing you. Trader 2 akihabara buy and sell! Business hours is from Every Tuesday, our reward card's points is double day.

In the store we hold many campa DeAnka at Akiba offers anime select your asset and your binary option figures, video games, cosplay costumes, other anime goods, and various mysterious toys.

You may find some rare items that ar Right in the center of Akihabara, trader 2 akihabara have the largest stocked used games, blu-ray, DVD and computer game software store! Here at Trader, we have rare softwares, and your favorite games at a very special price.

We also buy and sell your used smartphones. We trader 2 akihabara to see you here at Trader soon! Stores that may be associated.

Trader 2nd Shop The latest games, rare items only seen here are always here! Kaitorihanbai-Ichiba Moulin Honten We buy and sell! Dianka the Akihabara Main Store DeAnka at Akiba offers anime action figures, video games, cosplay costumes, other anime goods, and various mysterious toys.

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Last time I gave you devoted readers an account of my very frustrating, but successful mission of breaking into the new Final Fantasy cafe. Not too far from the main shopping street is also Suehirocho station, which is connected to the Ginza line.

The area itself holds several popular IT and publishing companies, hence why it is used as a central train hub. Upon arriving in Akihabara station you have a few choices. The exit is actually divided into a fork, going to the left and right. The exit toward the right will take you to the Gundam Cafe and the AKB48 Cafe, while the exit on the left will greet you with a large, multi-story Sega game center. Take the exit on the left, and directly afterwards turn right and go straight to be carried off by a crowd into the main shopping district.

Super Potato is, in one word, awesome. The walls and ceiling are covered with nostalgic game ads, magazine clippings, and blown up 8-bit sprites. The first floor of the shop has Famicom, Super Famicom, PC Engine, and Sega games, along with playable setups of those respective systems. The second floor has an impressive selection of Playstation games, MSX! The third floor houses a game room with old-school arcade cabinets, a candy shop, and a smoking section where you can read manga. Super Potato has an immense selection of retro games, along with their associated systems, including the Famicom Disk System and the MSX.

All games are cleaned, tested, and repaired before sale. If you are a knit-picky collector, then this is the place for you. Super Potato also offers frequent shoppers a point card which accumulates store credit after every purchase. Life is not fair, the world is not perfect, and Super Potato is not cheap. Sometimes games will go for double the price at Super Potato compared to competing stores! The heck if I know. Located down the main street, a little ways from the Don Quixote department store,.

Retro Game is pretty small but has a real charm to its design. Right on the outside they have a Famicom setup with either Super Mario Bros. Retro Game has a decent selection of games. The selection is decent, like I said, but you can find the same games at any of the other stores in this guide. Trader is a second-hand game and video shop.

Trader, like Super Potato, still gives short explanations on their packages as to what the game might be missing or how it might be damaged. Often times the quality of their stuff is actually very good. In fact, I have obtained some particularly nice gems from the junk section such as mint condition copies of Street Fighter Alpha 2 50 yen! Both games had some scratches on the discs, but they were easily fixed with a CD repair kit. Trader also has some consoles for sale in their original boxes.

Last time I went there they even had a limited edition Dreamcast in complete packaging. For less exacting retro gamers, though, Trader has plenty to offer. Yeah, and it was his first time playing, too. Eventually, as he reached the end and was about to battle the Elite Four, his apartment suffered a power outage. He lost everything and became pretty depressed afterwards. Immense amount of games, second only to Super Potato.

They have a lot of collectables and rare games as well, secure within a glass cabinet in the back of the room. Browsing here can be very annoying. The staff is fortunately very knowledgeable and willing to guide you through the maze of product, though. Across the street you will see a Zenith Coffee shop.

Directly next to it is a small, plain-looking building. Friends has a tiny sign display on the door. They are open every day except Tuesdays and national holidays. Like the other stores, they sell most of everything retro, but recently added a third floor for more modern games, like PS2 and Xbox titles. They also offer system repairs. To add to the atmosphere, they have actually drawn, colored, and cut out pictures of Nintendo game characters on cardboard and hung them on the walls.

Just goes to show that you gotta shop around for the best deals. They do have a display case for rare games and collectables though. It actually has English vocals, as does the whole soundtrack.

Now, there are of course countless more stores in the immediate area, and even better options outside Akiba. If you know any other places you like or think I should check out, let us know in the comments below.

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