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The venerable Mac Option Key has been around since the Apple Macintosh first appeared way back in Mac users are usually pretty familiar with it, so much so that we sometimes take it for granted. I'm going to show some of the magical things you can do with it. The Option key is located on either side of the space bar for your convenience. Modifier keys are used in combination with the regular alpha-numeric keys to provide alternate functionality to keyboard shortcuts.

But, did you know that opening a menu while pressing the Option key will reveal otherwise hidden, alternate commands? What was ist die option taste bei mac you have a number of open Was ist die option taste bei mac windows and you want to close them all, simultaneously? Do you just go to the trouble of clicking the close bubble for each and every window? Do you press Command-W for each window? Or, do you go to the File menu and select Close Window?

Instead, use Option key magic! Pop open the File menu, and look at all your choices listed was ist die option taste bei mac. Now, with the menu still open, press the Option key. Notice that several items in the list will change in some way - perhaps different wording, or perhaps the disappearance of normally present ellipses that directly follow certain menu items.

Back to the example at hand. With the Option key pressed while the File menu is open, the item that is normally called Close Window now becomes Close All. What about that matter regarding the ellipsis …? You may already know that an ellipsis in a menu command always means that before the command can execute, Was ist die option taste bei mac X or the app requires additional input from you.

The request is presented in the form of a dialog box. For example, see what happens when you select the Print… command from the File menu. In another example, this time in the Apple menu, notice that the Restart, Shutdown and Log Out commands show an ellipsis at the end of each line.

This is because, in each of these three cases, you was ist die option taste bei mac be presented with a confirmation screen when you select them. Now, with the menu still open press the Option key. You will notice that these ellipses disappear. This leads to a handy shortcut; when you select these commands while pressing the Option Key, the confirmation dialogs will be bypassed, and the command will be executed immediately.

Some day when you have nothing better to do, I urge you to peruse all menus in Finder as well as in your favorite apps. While the menus are open, press the Option key, and notice any variations in the commands listed. For example, look at your Wi-Fi icon on the menubar. In this case, press Option before clicking on the icon. You will notice that some useful technical information about your Wi-Fi connection is revealed, such as SSID, channel information and security settings.

OK, time to get take a look at more specific examples. I now present you with a list of only a few of the best hidden goodies found by engaging the Option key. Keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list. Even after all these years, I will occasionally stumble upon a hidden Option key gem that I never knew existed. I could go on, and on and, yes… even, on! Your project for this summer is to find other hidden Option-key gems. Add to the discussion below and tell us about handy ones you have found.

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Having trouble getting my full details to post in this forum. Will see if this post works and add detail to the comments. I'm trying to use a keyboard shortcut to move a note from one voice to another using the instructions in the Handbook.

I've confirmed using the Keyboard Viewer app that the hardware and OS are recognizing the Option key. Confirm not in Note Entry mode 2. Select a notehead 3. First measure is the starting point; second measure is what I want to end up with.

The focus is on the "AND" of beat 2 in the right hand: In reply to First-time submitter. In reply to Any Mac whizzes out there… by ljhopkins2.

On my Mac I also tried remapping to cmd-alt-m etc. I've not altered the Shortcuts, and I'm not running any key re-mapping software that affects cmd and alt keys.

Are you sure you're not running something that's remapping, e. Karabiner or even some external keyboard device drivers?

In reply to On my Mac I'm using an Apple OEM keyboard via bluetooth. Haven't installed anything I'm aware of to re-map keys. I've worked around the issue by making my shortcut ctrl-cmd-[] instead of alt-cmd. For whatever reason, "alt" continues to be persnickety, but not ctrl. Do you still have an unanswered question? Please log in first to post your question. User support Documentation Development Donate. Breadcrumb Home Forums Support and bug reports.

Did not find this issue previously reported. Thanks for taking a look. Any Mac whizzes out there able to replicate this?