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Let me explain what can be done with each of these accounts:. This can be done, either online or offline. In an offline Trading Account, the only way you will be able to trade is by calling your broker or by visiting his premises.

At Zerodha we z o e-options brokerage accounts only online Trading Accounts and you will have an option to trade either through a software based platform, a web based platform or a mobile application. So what it means is if today T day you make a profit of Rs. You can however utilize the Rs. There are no Annual Maintenance charges for a Trading Account.

Dematerialized Account popularly known as Demat Account, is the account where you keep stocks in electronic format. Similar to how a Savings Account allows you to keep money in electronic format, a Demat account allows you to keep stocks in electronic format.

In essence a Demat Account is a safe storage for your stocks and this is the only use of a Demat Account. Once the stock is in your Demat Account, you can keep it for as long as you want. If you make profits you get it the next day, but if you make a loss it is debited the same day. Demat account is not required. I have an equity trading account with Zerodha. Vishal, DP charges is in terms of debit transaction. So for eg, if you have sold 10 shares of reliance 3 times in a day, all the 30 shares at the end of the day is debited at one time from your demat, so the DP charge is only once Rs But if you sell reliance and Tata steel, you will be charged DP charges twice.

One quick question, I do not seem to find any legal embargo on having two trading accounts even with the same broker — say, one may be for my active trading whereas the other may be for my investment related portfolio.

Can you pls guide me with the legal regulations restricting a broker to open two trading accounts with the same broker for z o e-options brokerage accounts same individual? Everytime an account is opened, broker updates it on the exchange z o e-options brokerage accounts PAN.

I have a different question but related to previous thread. Moreover I am not a z o e-options brokerage accounts of zerodha. Is it possible to manage other person account friend account? If so, Is there any link with my account and their account and How they will pay for me for managing their account?

If you want to take money for advisory, you have to become a registered investment advisor. They charge too much for the delivery based trading. I only follow buy-hold strategy for Months. If yes, normally what charges I have to incur for demat to demat shares transfer? Once they receive, they will transfer it to your new Zerodha demat. You will have to find out from them. Siva, yes it is possible.

Link your icici demat to z o e-options brokerage accounts trading account by giving your icici client master sheet which they would have sent to you when you have opened the account with them. Once it is mapped to your trading account, you can start buying as CNC, so everytime you buy shares it is sent to your icici demat, but when you want to sell these shares, you have to do it through icici. So by mentioning existing ICICI demat account id in the account opening form, will the zerodha trading account be linked to the icici demat account?

You might have received such an email from ICICI or if you login to your trading account it should also be updated in your user profile, you can take a snapshot of this and print it out…. I have a demat account in Ventura. Yes z o e-options brokerage accounts can link your ventura demat to Zerodha trading account, so this way you can take delivery, but to sell it from your demat you will have to use the ventura trading account.

Do you offer such an account? Do you allow BSDA account at present? But to be eligible for BSDA, you need to have only 1 demat account and your holdings should never exceed Rs 2lks.

If either of the above happens, in that case the applicable AMC will be charged. What will be the AMC charged if it crosses 2Lacs? Would you also charge demat account opening fees retrospectively if BSDA goes above 2 lacs limit? We have received your request and created the ticket You can click on the link to view and track the progress of your ticket online. Really sorry about any inconvenience caused Yuvesh.

Let me check with our team first thing tomorrow morning and get them to z o e-options brokerage accounts you back. Or in CNC order taking delivery I will charged differently. Note that for a BSDA, your holdings cannot be z o e-options brokerage accounts more than 2 lakh rupees. If you cross this limit, the account automatically becomes a regular demat account. The trading platform we offer is called Zerodha Trader softwareZerodha Web webbased and Zerodha mobile. Yes like other brokers when you place an order on the platform it is sent directly to the exchanges.

You get margin from your demat account based on NSE haircut margins. Yes shailendar, you will be able to buy through both icici and zerodha.

But while selling, you will have to do it only through icici. Demat is very similar to your bank account, you can receive money from any account, but when you are transferring it out you have to use your primary bank. I am currently outside India, so will the attestation of photocopy of my passport done by a competent authority in my current location, be a accepted by zerodha as a valid address proof?

Yes that should do, we will accept that as an address proof, we would also do an In person verification over a webcam once your forms are here based on your convenience. If this process was already done by another broker then it will not be required to do an IPV. I am outside india as well. I do not have my permanent Indian address in the passport. And FYI, i have icicidirect 3 in 1 account already and like to move to Zerodha.

I am more of a investor than a trader. You will need to map this PIS of yours with our trading account. When you do this, ICICI will share your account balance with us which will be updated on the trading platform, everytime you buy or sell, we will report the contract notes to ICICI and they will release the funds or when you sell the funds will automatically get credited to your ICICI Bank account.

So yes you can use your international address, but you will have to give us a declaration that you are an Indian resident. I have demat account with geojit bnp paribhas. I have opened trading account with zerodha but is not activated due to inperson verification. I have demat and trading account with geojit bnp paribhas which have done my in person verification. Do i still require ipv….

But if there is any mismatch in the KRA to the documents you have z o e-options brokerage accounts, it will have to be done again. With that account whether she can trade in currency.

If yes how to activate this service in that acount? Currency would most likely be enabled if while opening the trading account z o e-options brokerage accounts wife had signed next to currency segment. To know if you are enabled or not, log into backoffice and see in your user profile.

The other way to find if you are enabled or not is while adding scrip on your market watch, if you see CDS, then it means it is enabled. If not enabled, you will have to sign the segment addition document and courier it to us.

The form is available on https: I have some shares in that DMAT account. If it is not possible, Am I allowed to open only trading account with Zerodha. Z o e-options brokerage accounts can also open only trading account with us, but the issue with this will be that when you buy shares it will go to your idbi demat, but you cannot sell the shares sitting in your idbi demat using the zerodha trading account. Thanks for the reply. I have some follow up questions. I am thinking of opening a trading account with Zerodha for only for intraday and derivatives options trading.

Am I allowed to have two trading accounts one with Zerodha and the other with another z o e-options brokerage accounts 2. If I am allowed, will I be able to operate my existing account the way I am doing z o e-options brokerage accounts or will I have restrictions on that account. I don;t intend to buy shares for delivery throuh Zerodha trading account.

However if in any circumstances, if I buy them how will I sell them. Yes Kumari, you can have as many trading accounts as you want. You could just open a trading account with us. Your existing IDBI account will continue to operate just the way it is now, nothing will change. When you link your idbi demat to your zerodha trading account, whenever you buy stocks, the stocks will be delivered to your idbi demat account.

You can then sell it using the idbi trading account. Dear sir, I wanna join zerodha as an investor cum trader. I have some doubts. Please answer if time permits…. I want to know z o e-options brokerage accounts there are any option for lifetime AMC free for demat account. How can z o e-options brokerage accounts transfer funds both in and out to zerodha trading account. Which banks are registered for fund transfer.

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